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In re­sponse to the snotty, con­de­scend­ing, ar­ro­gant, false­hoods per­pet­u­ated by the com­man­der of the teleprompter at his re­cent ap­pear­ance on the Mex­i­can bor­der, did any­one in the me­dia or au­di­ence chal­lenge the va­lid­ity of his bla­tant at­tacks on law-abid­ing cit­i­zens, Texas tax­pay­ers, or U.S. sovereignty?

Did any­one re­mem­ber that the troops on the bor­der were just push­ing pa­per, and not al­lowed to go with the Bor­der Pa­trol, or God for­bid, shoot a drug smug­gler? Did any­one re­mem­ber that we only have a few hun­dred miles of the promised fence, which is work­ing very well thank you, but miles of un­pro­tected bor­der in Texas/Ari­zona that are open to en­emy in­vaders, ter­ror­ists, and hu­man smug­glers? Did any­one re­mem­ber or even know that sher­iffs of bor­der coun­ties are beg­ging for as­sis­tance, while Home­land Se­cu­rity is telling them to stop ar­rest­ing il­le­gals so their “num­bers” will look bet­ter?

Did any­one know that, in some cases, the Bor­der Pa­trol are only al­lowed “paint ball” guns, and are them­selves pros­e­cuted for de­fend­ing your bor­der and fol­low­ing fed­eral law?

Does any­one equate the huge bud­get deficits with the cost of crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity, health, ed­u­ca­tion and hous­ing costs, or the cost to cit­i­zens from rape, mur­der, kid­nap­ping, drug and hu­man smuggling, unin­sured driv­ers, and even ad­min­is­tra­tive costs of pro­vid­ing Span­ish lan­guage as­sis­tance, when the other 99 dif­fer­ent na­tion­al­i­ties have no prob­lem learn­ing pro­fi­cient English in a very short time? What does that say about the goals of our open-bor­der ac­tivists? I don’t hear them cam­paign­ing for other im­mi­grant groups. What makes them so spe­cial?

Does any­one re­al­ize that we have 25 mil­lion healthy dead­beats on Med­i­caid, who can eas­ily per­form any job that il­le­gals now have, if they have the in­cen­tive of work­ing or los­ing their tax­payer-funded gravy check? Why do we need 20 mil­lion more uneducated de­mand­ing par­a­sites? Tell me who’s go­ing to fund this so­cial­ist agenda when the money/ credit runs out? Are you learn­ing Chinese yet? N. M. Lochridge McKinney, Texas

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