Flush the Reds out of our schools

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Ten­ure was a tool used by com­mu­nists to kid­nap Amer­i­can col­leges in the 1940s and hold them hostage for the last 70 years. They have suc­ceeded. They have in­doc­tri­nated gen­er­a­tions of Amer­i­cans to be­lieve in the lies of com­mu­nism and to dumb Amer­i­cans down into be­ing the use­ful idiots that put Stalin into power in Rus­sia. As with all com­mu­nist tyrants, Stalin re­turned the fa­vor by mur­der­ing 50 mil­lion Rus­sians, mostly by starv­ing them to death.

The lat­est bla­tant ex­am­ple of an Amer­i­can com­mu­nist col­lege is the Univer­sity of Ore­gon, which is part­ner­ing with the bru­tal African dic­ta­tor of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, to cre­ate the Gabon-Ore­gon Transna­tional Re­search Cen­ter as part of Ore­gon’s global com­mu­nist ini­tia­tive.

This is what my tax dol­lars are pay­ing for, global com­mu­nism. Our col­leges are run by com­mu­nists com­mit­ted to de­stroy­ing Amer­ica and cre­at­ing global com­mu­nism. Just as fed­eral term lim­its would be the first step in dredg­ing the swamp of corruption in Wash­ing­ton, re­mov­ing ten­ure from all our col­leges would be the be­gin­ning move to re­store Amer­ica’s schools to Amer­ica. Robin Good­speed Port­land, Ore­gon

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