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Re: your ar­ti­cle in the June 20 edi­tion ti­tled “For faith­ful, San Fran ban on cir­cum­ci­sion a cut too deep” (page 14), San Fran­cisco’s pend­ing vote on whether to cut or not to cut in terms of neona­tal cir­cum­ci­sions is, of course, typ­i­cal of the pre­vail­ing lu­nacy of the area.

I would sug­gest that those who re­gard putting one’s pe­nis un­der the knife to be an adult de­ci­sion should sub­mit them­selves, if not cir­cum­cised, to ma­ture whack­ing.

My fa­ther-in-law had the pro­ce­dure done as an adult. He in­di­cated it was hor­ri­ble. At one time I was in­volved with au­di­tions for beer com­mer­cials which we, iron­i­cally, shot in Cal­i­for­nia, and a fel­low showed up strug­gling along with his back par­al­lel to the floor. He was dressed in loose shorts. He ex­plained this was the only dress he could tol­er­ate since he has re­cently been cir­cum­cised. He was brave to be there, but also in agony.

My wife worked with a woman whose doc­tor hus­band had scorned cir­cum­ci­sion for their two boys. She said her kids grew up suf­fer­ing one in­fec­tion af­ter an­other.

Cer­tainly the med­i­cal cost has to be far cheaper when the pro­ce­dure is done on an in­fant. And, there is no com­par­i­son in terms of phys­i­cal trauma. Also the ef­fect of the law be­ing to­tally in­clu­sive may cause some rab­bis to get out their knives and go look­ing for the gen­tile per­pe­tra­tors of this inane act. What’s next, San Fran­cisco? How about no breast feed­ing till 18? Ge­orge Gale Columbia, Mis­souri

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