The only jobs they care about are their own

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When the of­fi­cial­dom in Wash­ing­ton, D.C. state that they do not know why the re­cov­ery is stalled or is get­ting worse, that is proof that they do not have a clue or re­late to the tax­pay­ers.

The num­ber one prob­lem is our gov­ern­ment giv­ing money away. Un­em­ploy­ment (like jobs in D.C.) was never meant to be a life­style. If no one in Wash­ing­ton has the guts to stop pay­ing peo­ple not to work (for years!) and in­tro­duce bills to end Medi­care, Med­i­caid, the IRS, En­ergy Dept., EPA (the root of many prob­lems), HHS, the Ed­u­ca­tion Dept, etc., we will all go down.

Of­fi­cials seem as­ton­ished that jobs are not be­ing cre­ated and what do they do? “We will ap­point a spe­cial com­mit­tee to ex­am­ine the prob­lem.” Aren’t the reg­u­lar agen­cies sup­posed to be do­ing that? All we get from Wash­ing­ton are re­ports of de­bauch­ery, scan­dal and — tada! — more spend­ing. It is no bet­ter than most Third World coun­tries. Jobs will ap­pear if all the reg­u­la­tory red tape stops and peo­ple will work if they aren’t paid not to. Let the oil com­pa­nies, air­plane and auto in­dus­tries move ahead and jobs will be cre­ated. And unions be damned. They are part of the prob­lem. Rosie Rollins Yel­low Spring, West Vir­ginia

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