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We are at a mo­ment in his­tory when we must pray for a mod­ern-day mir­a­cle as granted by God for the faith and courage our fore­fa­thers dis­played fight­ing the Bri­tish to save our coun­try. The mo­ment is crit­i­cal. We must reach to the ends of our souls and pray for strength and com­mit­ment needed to save Amer­ica one more time from the de­struc­tion within.

With all our ig­no­rance, so­ci­etal prob­lems, a peo­ple di­vided, near bank­ruptcy and crim­i­nal gov­ern­ment, we haven’t lost our love and faith in you, Amer­ica. God fin­ished the world map with you and as a coun­try you’ve given us the gift of life, free­dom, and lib­erty. Your birth cer­tifi­cate i.e., the United States Con­sti­tu­tion, has lived up to its prom­ise. Con­trary to what some may think, you still breathe. You de­serve re­spect and sup­port. Now it is our turn. We shall come to your aid in Novem­ber 2012. I love you, Amer­ica. Frank Trejo Phoenix, Ari­zona

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