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“The virtue of the Sab­bath, hon­or­ing the sanc­tity of life, re­claim­ing fa­ther­hood, re­claim­ing mother­hood, mar­riage and fam­ily, phys­i­ol­ogy of suc­cess, truth and its re­wards, con­sci­en­tious ob­jec­tion, the moral­ity of race, the virtue of cap­i­tal­ism, the virtue of sav­ing, mov­ing to­wards a vir­tu­ous civ­i­liza­tion.”

Those are, ver­ba­tim, the 12 chap­ters of “Reawakening Virtues: Restor­ing What Makes Amer­ica Great,” a book pub­lished last week by talk ra­dio host and colum­nist Arm­strong Wil­liams, draw­ing praise for “hon­esty” by Supreme Court Jus­tice Clarence Thomas, and for “true rep­re­sen­ta­tion” by Fox News con­trib­u­tor Juan Wil­liams.

“The work of cleans­ing our con­sciences and rekin­dling virtue is a dy­namic and vi­tal process. It re­quires time, re­flec­tion, and an open spirit. But it is well worth it,” the au­thor tells In­side the Belt­way.

“And just re­mem­ber, what­ever else the me­dia is sell­ing — whether it’s ma­te­ri­al­ism, idol­atr y, spend­ing be­yond your means, or merely the soft op­pres­sion of low ex­pec­ta­tions — when it comes down to the come­down, they won’t be there. But our virtues, if prac­ticed and re­fined reg­u­larly, will stand us in good stead,” he adds.


Arm­strong Wil­liams is get­ting rave early re­views for his book, “Reawakening Virtues: Restor­ing What Makes Amer­ica Great.”

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