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On April 15, 2009 some­where over a mil­lion, face­less, silent ma­jor­ity cit­i­zens met all over the na­tion. We had an es­ti­mated 3,000 here in Ap­ple­ton, Wis­con­sin. It was the start of the Tea Party. Now there are thou­sands of these groups with mil­lions of mem­bers all over the coun­try. Just one of many groups in Florida has nearly a mil­lion for­mal mem­bers. All grow­ing and work­ing to save Amer­ica.

What re­ally made these meet­ings gen­uine and not the usual an­ti­war rant­ing, break­ing­win­dow type of mob, is the fact that there was no mas­ter­mind be­hind them. It was strictly a grass roots event. No mega-dol­lar PAC groups fronting and dol­ing out mil­lions to get peo­ple out.

All these Amer­i­cans were there to protest the ex­tremes of the lib­eral Congress and pres­i­dent pick­ing their pock­ets with huge new taxes and so­cial­ist poli­cies. And their chil­dren’s and grand­chil­dren’s pock­ets as well. In 2009 the silent ma­jor­ity said, That’s Enough!

The new White House was chang­ing Amer­ica’s tra­di­tional re­li­gious, so­cial and eco­nomic poli­cies without any Con­sti­tu­tional va­lid­ity. They were count­ing on the premise that we would for­get in four years. But we have not for­got­ten.

No mat­ter how rude and dis­gust­ing the main­stream me­dia and the lib­eral Democrats con­tinue to be, rant­ing crudely about the Tea Party, it will con­tinue to grow and grow un­til ev­ery Chris­tian, ev­ery family, ev­ery se­nior, ev­ery morally cor­rect Amer­i­can who wants to save Amer­ica has an op­por­tu­nity to have a say in what is right and just.

Congress and the gov­ern­ment is the Peo­ples House. Not the Obama/Soros house of greedy politi­cians ar­ro­gantly flout­ing the Con­sti­tu­tion and tra­di­tional family val­ues and morals. We’ve had enough! John Hy­land Ap­ple­ton, Wis­con­sin

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