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Are your kids learn­ing the right lessons about 9/11? Ten years af­ter Osama bin Laden’s hench­men mur­dered thou­sands of in­no­cents on Amer­i­can soil, too many chil­dren have been spoon-fed the thin gruel of pro­gres­sive po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness over the stiff an­ti­dote of truth.

“Know your en­emy, name your en­emy” is a 9/11 mes­sage that has gone un­heeded. Our im­mi­gra­tion and home­land se­cu­rity poli­cies refuse to pro­file ji­hadi ad­her­ents at for­eign con­sular of­fices and at our bor­ders. Our mil­i­tary lead­ers refuse to ex­punge them from uni­formed ranks un­til it’s too late (see: Fort Hood mas­sacre). The j-word is dis­cour­aged in Obama in­tel­li­gence cir­cles, and the term “Is­lamic ex­trem­ism” was re­moved from the U.S. national se­cu­rity strat­egy doc­u­ment last year.

Sim­i­larly, too many teach­ers refuse to show and tell who the per­pe­tra­tors of 9/11 were and who their heirs are to­day. My own daugh­ter was one year old when the Twin Tow­ers col­lapsed, the Pen­tagon went up in flames and Shanksville, Pa., be­came hal­lowed ground for the brave pas­sen­gers of United Flight 93. In sec­ond grade, her teach­ers read touchy-feely sto- ries about peace and di­ver­sity to honor the 9/11 dead. They white­washed Osama bin Laden, mil­i­tant Is­lam and cen­turies-old ji­had out of the cur­ricu­lum. Ap­par­ently, the young­sters weren’t ready to learn even the most ba­sic in­for­ma­tion about the evil mas­ter­minds of Is­lamic ter­ror­ism.

Mary Beth Hicks, author of the new book “Don’t Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid,” points to a re­cent re­view of 10 widely used text­books in which the con­cepts of ji­had and sharia were ei­ther wa­tered down or ab­sent. These child­hood ex­perts have de­ter­mined that grade school is too early to delve into the specifics of the homi­ci­dal clash of Al­lah’s sharia-aveng­ing soldiers with the free­dom-lov­ing Western world.

Yet, many of the same pro­tec­tors of frag­ile el­e­men­taryschool pupils can’t wait to teach them all the ins and outs of con- doms, cross-dressers and crack ad­dic­tions.

We pulled our daugh­ter out of a cesspool of aca­demic and moral rel­a­tivism and found a re­al­ity-grounded, rig­or­ous char­ter school where no-non­sense teach­ers refuse to sug­ar­coat in­con­ve­nient facts and his­tory.

Many of the stu­dents are chil­dren of soldiers and ser­vice­men and women who, in­spired by the he­roes of 9/11, have vol­un­tar­ily de­ployed time and time again to kill the Amer­i­can Dream de­stroy­ers abroad be­fore they kill us over here.

There’s no bet­ter way to ham­mer home the mes­sage that “free­dom is not free” than to have your kids go to school with other kids whose dads and moms are gone for years at a time, miss­ing births and birth­day par­ties, recitals and soc­cer prac­tice, Christ­mas pageants and In­de­pen­dence Day fire­works.

But in­stead of un­fet­tered pride in our armed forces, so­cial jus­tice ed­u­ca­tors in high schools and col­leges across the coun­try in­doc­tri­nate Amer­i­can stu­dents into view­ing our vol­un­teer armed forces as vic­tims, mon­sters and pawns in a leftist “so­cial strug­gle.”

A decade af­ter the 9/11 at- tacks, Blame Amer­ica-ism still per­me­ates class­rooms and the cul­ture. A spe­cial 9/11 cur­ricu­lum dis­trib­uted in New Jersey schools ad­vises teach­ers to “avoid graphic de­tails or dra­ma­tiz­ing the de­struc­tion” wrought by the 9/11 hi­jack­ers, and in­stead fo­cus ele­men­tary school stu­dents’ at­ten­tion on broadly de­fined “in­tol­er­ance” and “hurt­ful words.”

No sur­prise: Ji­hadist ut­ter­ances such as “Kill the Jews,” “Al­lahu Ak­bar” and “Be­head all those who in­sult Is­lam” are not among the “hurt­ful words” stud­ied. Mid­dle-school­ers are di­rected to “an­a­lyze di­ver­sity and prej­u­dice in U.S. his­tory.” And high-school stu­dents are taught “Maslow’s Hi­er­ar­chy of Needs” - pop-psy­chol­ogy clap­trap used to ex­cuse ji­hadists’ be­hav­ior based on their pur­ported low self-es­teem and op­pressed sta­tus caused by “Euro­pean colo­nial­ism.”

It is no won­der that a new poll re­leased last week showed that Amer­i­cans to­day “are gen­er­ally more will­ing to be­lieve that U.S. poli­cies in the Mid­dle East might have mo­ti­vated the 9/11 ter­ror at­tacks on New York and the Pen­tagon,” ac­cord­ing to Reuters.

To make mat­ters worse, we have an ap­peaser-in-chief who wrote shortly af­ter the ji­hadist at­tacks a decade ago that the “essence of this tragedy” de­rives “from a fun­da­men­tal ab­sence of em­pa­thy on the part of the at­tack­ers: an in­abil­ity to imag­ine, or con­nect with, the hu­man­ity and suf­fer­ing of oth­ers.” A “cli­mate of poverty and ig­no­rance” caused the at­tacks, then-Illi­nois state Sen. Barack Obama preached. Never mind the Ivy League and Ox­ford ed­u­ca­tions, the oil wealth and the mid­dle-class sta­tus of le­gions of al-Qaida plot­ters and op­er­a­tives.

9/11 was a de­lib­er­ate, care­fully planned evil act of the long-waged war on the West by Ko­ran-in­spired soldiers of Al­lah around the world. They hated us be­fore Ge­orge W. Bush was in of­fice.

They hated us be­fore Is­rael ex­isted.

And the avengers of the re­li­gion of per­pet­ual out­rage will keep hat­ing us no mat­ter how much we try to ap­pease them.

The post-9/11 prob­lem isn’t whether we’ll for­get. The prob­lem is: Will we ever learn?

Michelle Malkin is the author of “Cul­ture of Cor­rup­tion: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies” (Reg­n­ery 2010).

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