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If you’re a land­scape painter, and look­ing for pas­toral scenes in Texas to paint, you bet­ter do so now, be­cause the land­scape is chang­ing rapidly. Now on the other hand if you are look­ing to paint (wind farms), you have come to the right place. It seems as if ev­ery hill has one, or two. Or three, or as many as can be built on that par­tic­u­lar hill.

They seem to rise up from the ground like gi­ant egg beat­ers, and their enor­mous size dom­i­nates what at one time was a vast land­scape of flow­ers and tall grasses as far as the eye could see.

Through the hill coun­try where I live, there was a time when one could en­joy the blue haze from the dis­tant hills, and en­vi­sion set­ting up a can­vas and paint­ing the set­ting of the sun be­hind the hills at dusk, but now many of the hills are dot­ted with wind gen­er­a­tors, churn­ing out elec­tric­ity. Is this the pas­toral scene of the fu­ture?

Many of th­ese unerected gen­er­a­tors come through my part of the woods on large trucks, and I haven’t seen any of th­ese trucks be­ing run on elec­tric­ity, they are dieselpow­ered. So I have to ask, why the to-do about wind power, while th­ese trucks are pow­ered by re­fined oil, much of it from coun­tries that don’t like us.

In Texas there are over 10,377 wind­mills, and over 40 projects and count­ing. I’m quite sure that th­ese were con­structed un­der the power of diesel. When I see th­ese trucks com­ing through town pow­ered by “wind gen­er­a­tors”, then and only then will I con­cede that we need to slow down drilling, and start erect­ing wind mills. Ge­orge T. Weir Jacks­boro, Texas

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