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China’s mil­i­tary is mak­ing bold ac­cu­sa­tions that self-de­scribed “heroic” anti-Amer­i­can hawks are be­ing purged and be­trayed by China’s CIA-con­trolled civil­ian lead­ers.

Re­ports about the Peo­ple’s Lib­er­a­tion Army (PLA) hard-lin­ers’ the­ory are in­creas­ing.

Two weeks ago, China’s best­known mil­i­tary com­men­ta­tor, Rear Adm. Zhang Zhaozhong of the PLA navy, stated that there were more than 1 mil­lion Chi­nese traitors in China, in­clud­ing diplo­mats, econ­o­mists and mil­i­tary per­son­nel, work­ing as spies for for­eign govern­ments, es­pe­cially the U.S.

En­cour­aged by cheers for his state­ments, Adm. Zhang last week told the press that “some of our schol­ars are trained by the Amer­i­cans. They read Amer­i­can books, ac­cepted Amer­i­can ideals and they are now help­ing the U.S. to fool the Chi­nese.”

This line of ar­gu­ment by an­tiU.S. fa­nat­ics in the PLA reached a fever pitch last summer. In a lengthy ar­ti­cle on the lead­ing Chi­nese mil­i­tary web­site Leit­ing (Thun­der), pub­lished Sept. 14, the CIA was cited as the main driver of a suc­cess­ful psy­cho­log­i­cal war­fare and dis­in­for­ma­tion cam­paign against China’s civil­ian lead­ers, from Deng Xiaop­ing to

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