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One out of two Amer­i­cans, in a near even split, re-elected a pres­i­dent who will continue fis­cal and mone­tary poli­cies that will fur­ther de­base the U.S. dol­lar. What this means, in prac­ti­cal terms, is that the gain­fully em­ployed will work more hours to keep what they have. Or do with­out. Equal­ity of want is where we are headed, and we will be tak­ing more than a few other coun­tries with us.

The pres­i­dent will continue to nom­i­nate ide­o­logues to the Supreme Court. These politi­cians will seek to ad­vance their party’s agenda. Amer­i­can prop­erty rights, rule of law, and due process are no longer se­cure. In­alien­able rights will be eaten by that “Liv­ing Con­sti­tu­tion.”

I am not a neo-con, but the march­ing-boot lovers do have this right: weak­ness breeds con­tempt. Our pres­i­dent is out of his league with guys like Vladimir Putin. He de­grades his of­fice by cozy­ing-up to the Hugo Chavez types. The shabby treat­ment meted out to Great Bri­tain and Is­rael is more than an em­bar­rass­ment.

Six-months ago, I said some­thing aw­ful to a group of lib­eral friends. I said that I win no mat­ter who is elected. If the Demo­crat wins, four more years of Obama so­cial­ism will pound the ig­no­rance out of the most ar­dent dream­ers and schemers. I am not look­ing for­ward to this Pyrrhic vic­tory.

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