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“Re­gard­less of the fi­nal re­sults of the elec­tion, Wed­nes­day, Nov. 7 con­tin­ues a gi­gan­tic bat­tle be­tween small-gov­ern­ment, con­sti­tu­tional con­ser­va­tives and the big-gov­ern­ment Republicans for the heart and soul of the GOP,” long­time con­ser­va­tive maven Richard Viguerie tells Inside the Belt­way.

“The fight for con­trol of the GOP has been on hold while all wings of the party united be­hind Mitt Rom­ney and Paul Ryan. The agenda of the con­ser­va­tive move­ment and the tea party of small-con­sti­tu­tional gov­ern­ment will now be­come

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