Rom­ney grand­child lat­est vic­tim of racist me­dia

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For the racist me­dia, 2013 was another bad year. It cul­mi­nated with the hideous dis­play on MSNBC where a gang of nasty jab­ber-mouth pan­elists played the “knock­out” game on Mitt Rom­ney and his adopted black grand­child.

Now there has been a lot of this “knock­out” game go­ing around where thugs sneak up on un­sus­pect­ing vic­tims and cold-cock them to the pave­ment. The goal is for in­no­cents to drop like sacks of pota­toes, with­out even a de­fen­sive flinch. It has been done to young peo­ple, moth­ers, stu­dents, el­derly men and even el­derly women.

But never be­fore has such an at­tack been caught on video where it was per­formed so ruth­lessly against a de­fense­less in­fant.

Since you, like most Amer­i­cans, do not watch MSNBC and have never heard of any of th­ese thug­gish char­ac­ters, I will de­scribe what they did.

A silly woman who ap­par­ently hosts a show on the net­work pro­duced a Christ­mas pic­ture of Rom­ney sit­ting proudly with his 22 grand­chil­dren, in­clud­ing the black in­fant adopted by Rom­ney’s son and daugh­ter-in-law. This host asked her as­sem­bly of Ne­an­derthal guests to of­fer a cap­tion for the photo.

In Amer­ica, of course, peo­ple would com­ment on what a bless­ing it is to have 22 grand­chil­dren al­to­gether and look­ing healthy. In Amer­ica, if any­one were to com­ment on the one pig­mented child, it would be to note what a beau­ti­ful thing adop­tion is.

But we are not talk­ing Amer­ica. We are talk­ing about the racist me­dia where true hate­ful­ness lies.

The first Ne­an­derthal guest be­gan singing the Se­same Street song. “One of th­ese things is not like the oth­ers.” You see, the pri­mary weapon of a racist is to first see the dif­fer­ences among peo­ple and then sep­a­rate out the mi­nor­ity to make them feel ex­cluded.

Another guest who de­scribes him­self as a “co­me­dian,” said the pic­ture “re­ally sums up the diver­sity of the Repub­li­can Party.” Ha ha ha ha. This per­son also pro­vides com­men­tary for CNN.

Then the host tried to dab­ble a lit­tle in com­edy her­self, opin­ing what it would be like if the baby grew up to marry the daugh­ter of rap­per Kanye West. The thought of Mitt Rom­ney and the rap­per from sub­ur­bia as in-laws ap­par­ently tick­led the woman.

Need­less to say, if all of this were re­versed and it was a lib­eral Demo­crat whose adopted black grand­child were vic­tim­ized by the me­dia knock­out game, the left would be in an un­tamed uproar. Al Sharp­ton would de­mand a boy­cott. Of course, he would do that right there on his show car­ried by MSNBC.

GLAAD would de­mand that the host and guests all be fired. The New York Times would write scathing editorials about the rise of the old racist Repub­li­cans — re­fus­ing once again to ac­knowl­edge that it was the old South­ern Democrats who pi­o­neered and per­fected that sick game.

As dis­gust­ing as all of this is, per­haps the most de­spi­ca­ble as­pect of it is that while the me­dia loves to fan the flames of racial dis­cord, they blanch and run like scream­ing wee­nies at the sight of ac­tual sto­ries that raise se­ri­ous and dif­fi­cult ques­tions about race, such as the shock­ingly high rates of crim­i­nal vi­o­lence in black neigh­bor­hoods. Are they so racist that they sim­ply do not care be­cause in the vast ma­jor­ity of those cases the vic­tims are black?

And while they are quick to cover crimes where it ap­pears that whites (or a His­panic neigh­bor­hood watch­man) have tar­geted blacks, they des­per­ately avoid cov­er­ing crimes where blacks ap­pear to have tar­geted whites.

In Char­lottesville two weeks ago, a ma­raud­ing gang of three black thugs tar­geted a white cou­ple en­joy­ing a lit­tle pre-Christ­mas rev­elry on the down­town mall. They sav­agely beat the man and punched the woman when she begged for mercy and threw open her purse for them to take cash.

The “Clock­work Orange”-style sav­agery was in­ter­rupted only long enough for the beastly droogs to laugh and joke and bro-hug over their on­go­ing con­quest. Then back to the old ul­tra­vi­o­lence.

Though the woman snapped nu­mer­ous pic­tures of the vi­o­lent crim­i­nals, the Char­lottesville po­lice did lit­tle to in­ves­ti­gate. Fi­nally, af­ter more than a week, the al­ter­na­tive weekly in the city wrote a story. Only then did the rest of the me­dia fol­low suit and the po­lice prom­ise to in­ves­ti­gate.

As of Tues­day af­ter­noon, the vi­o­lent crim­i­nals re­mained at large, per­haps seek­ing their next vic­tim.

Charles Hurt can be reached at and on Twit­ter at @charleshurt.

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