Lessons for Shove Guv An­drew Cuomo

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - By Michelle Malkin

Not so fast, An­drew Cuomo. We see what you did there. Af­ter pub­licly bash­ing con­ser­va­tive New York­ers as “ex­treme” peo­ple who have no place in his state, the in­tol­er­ant Demo­cratic gov­er­nor wants to blame the me­dia for his un­mis­tak­able con­tempt for those who op­pose abor­tion, sup­port gun rights and de­fend tra­di­tional mar­riage.

News­flash: Crap­weasel politi­cians can back­track and scape­goat, but they can’t hide.

When he railed against so­cially con­ser­va­tive Repub­li­can can­di­dates in a ra­dio in­ter­view last week, Mr. Cuomo hy­per­bol­i­cally sin­gled out those he called “right-to-life, pro-as­sault-weapon, anti-gay” cit­i­zens. Sound­ing un­apolo­get­i­cally purge-tas­tic, the gov­er­nor said th­ese po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents “have no place in the state of New York, be­cause that’s not who New York­ers are.” His big­oted com­ments pro­voked a fierce so­cial­me­dia-driven back­lash led by de­vout Catholics and Sec­ond Amend­ment ac­tivists in the Em­pire State. And now, he’s got job-cre­at­ing, tax-pay­ing con­ser­va­tive busi­ness peo­ple threat­en­ing to leave. Heck­uva job, Andy!

In a des­per­ate dam­age con­trol at­tempt, Mr. Cuomo is­sued a state­ment claim­ing that the New York Post “dis­torted” his words. It’s al­ways the mes­sen­ger’s fault. The Shove Guv also ac­cused his crit­ics of be­ing “en­tirely reck­less with facts and the truth.” Re­ally? There was no equiv­o­ca­tion in Mr. Cuomo’s po­lit­i­cal evic­tion wish. Whether he was talk­ing about con­ser­va­tive can­di­dates and/or the vot­ers and donors who sup­port them, you can’t get any clearer than “have no place in the state of New York.”

Trans­la­tion: You don’t be­long. Pack your bags. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Scram.

All of his lefty friends on MSNBC and at Soros Cen­tral may be cheer­ing Mr. Cuomo on, but this marginal­iza­tion strat­egy is bound to back­fire. Here in Colorado, sup­pos­edly mod­er­ate Demo­cratic Gov. John Hick­en­looper threw in with the rad­i­cal gun-con­trol crowd and is now pay­ing the price. Ma­jor busi­nesses have left the state. Two lead­ing state Demo­cratic leg­is­la­tors were re­called last fall by grass­roots cam­paigns out­spent 8-to-1 by gun-con­trol forces un­der­writ­ten by New York Nanny Stater Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates.

Re­minder: It wasn’t just “ex­treme con­ser­va­tives” who re­volted. Pue­blo Demo­crat An­gela Giron lost in her Obama-lov­ing Demo­cratic Se­nate Dis­trict 3 by a whop­ping 12 points.

Another state Demo­crat and staunch gun-con­trol ex­trem­ist, Evie Hu­dak, re­signed in disgrace last Novem­ber rather than face the wrath of the in­de­pen­dent re­callers. Once a hot 2016 Demo­cratic pres­i­den­tial prospect, Mr. Hick­en­looper’s ap­proval rat­ings have plunged.

As for Mr. Cuomo’s reck­less dis­missal of what he con­sid­ers an “ex­treme” mi­nor­ity, a re­cent poll of New York­ers showed that the vast ma­jor­ity “sup­port sen­si­ble re­stric­tions on abor­tions, with 80 per­cent op­pos­ing un­lim­ited abor­tion through the ninth month of preg­nancy and 75 per­cent op­pos­ing changes in cur­rent law so that some­one other than a doc­tor can per­form an abor­tion.” Con­trary to Cuomo’s dis­torted view, the 21stcen­tury pro-life move­ment is a di­verse con­ver­gence of in­creas­ingly young and mi­nor­ity ac­tivists, fem­i­nist pro-lif­ers, in­de­pen­dents and so­cial con­ser­va­tives. And con­trary to Cuomo’s reck­less telling of his­tory, pro-life ac­tivism is in­grained in New York his­tory.

The suf­frag­ists who fa­mously met at Seneca Falls, N.Y., were ar­dent ad­vo­cates for life. They didn’t mince words. El­iz­a­beth Cady Stan­ton con­demned the “mur­der of chil­dren, ei­ther be­fore or af­ter birth.” Alice Paul, who cru­saded for the Equal Rights Amend­ment, called abor­tion “the ul­ti­mate ex­ploita­tion of women.” Dr. El­iz­a­beth Black­well, as Su­san B. An­thony List Pres­i­dent Mar­jorie Dan­nen­felser pointed out in her re­view of pro-life fem­i­nism, was hor­ri­fied by the abor­tion in­dus­try and the women who en­abled it:

“The gross per­ver­sion and de­struc­tion of moth­er­hood by the abor­tion­ist filled me with in­dig­na­tion, and awak­ened ac­tive an­tag­o­nism. That the hon­or­able term ‘fe­male physi­cian’ should be ex­clu­sively ap­plied to those women who car­ried on this shock­ing trade seemed to me a horror. It was an ut­ter degra­da­tion of what might and should be­come a noble po­si­tion for women.”

Now we know where An­drew Cuomo would have stood had he been around when pro-life suf­frag­ists came knock­ing on New York’s doors: block­ing their way.

Mr. Cuomo in­sists he “re­spects” all of the peo­ple he dumped on last week. Yet, he con­tin­ues to will­fully mis­char­ac­ter­ize their po­si­tions and smear them as dan­ger­ous haters. It’s telling that he em­ploys the par­ti­san pe­jo­ra­tive la­bels “anti-gay” and “pro-as­sault weapon” along­side “right to life.” As if en­dors­ing the “right to life” is in it­self an act of big­otry or a hor­rific, un­speak­able crime.

There are no do-overs: Mr. Cuomo rolled out the un­wel­come mat and an­nounced a new state of in­tol­er­ance. His un­demo­cratic ex­trem­ism is as ex­treme as it gets. Out: “I Love New York.” In: “New York Hates You.” Let the home­buyer, busi­ness owner, tax­payer, voter and vis­i­tor be­ware. Michelle Malkin is the au­thor of “Cul­ture of Cor­rup­tion: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies.” Her e-mail ad­dress is malk­in­blog@gmail.com.

New York Gov. An­drew Cuomo

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