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Time mag­a­zine re­cently pub­lished an ar­ti­cle ex­pos­ing $1 mil­lion in bonuses paid out to In­ter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice em­ploy­ees who owed back taxes. I’m pretty sure if I owed back taxes, the IRS would be knock­ing on my door and threat­en­ing to gar­nish my wages. Why are IRS em­ploy­ees treated dif­fer­ently?

It seems the all-too-fa­mil­iar rea­son is that these people work for the govern­ment, and the govern­ment treats “their own” dif­fer­ently. If you are ever au­dited by the IRS, you are guilty un­til proven in­no­cent, and of­ten the best course of ac­tion is to sim­ply roll over and pay what­ever they ask. That’s state-spon­sored ex­tor­tion.

It doesn’t mat­ter if you are right or not, it will cost you more in time and money to try to prove you are right. With a tax code of more than 70,000 pages, that’s pretty much im­pos­si­ble.

It is time to elim­i­nate the IRS and the op­pres­sive in­come tax and switch to some­thing that is sim­ple, fair and vis­i­ble, some­thing that is easy to ad­min­is­ter, easy to com­ply with and dif­fi­cult to cheat. That so­lu­tion is the Fair Tax, a na­tional re­tail sales tax with no tax on the ba­sic ne­ces­si­ties of life. It would mean no IRS, no in­come tax, and mil­lions of new jobs. JAMES R. DON­NELL Cameron Park, Calif.

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