Stop il­le­gal aliens’ ‘cow­bird­ing’ of Amer­ica

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When it comes to il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion, Amer­i­can par­ents can learn from the ex­am­ple of the cow­bird. The pro­lific brown-headed cow­bird pro­duces 60 or more eggs per breed­ing sea­son, but does not build its own nest. In­stead, it watches as a song­bird builds its nest and lays its three to five eggs. Then, when the nest is unat­tended, the cow­bird pushes one of the host’s eggs out of the nest, re­plac­ing it with its own.

Of­ten it chooses nests of smaller birds, such as spar­rows. Hav­ing a shorter in­cu­ba­tion pe­riod, the cow­bird young hatch first. Spar­row hatch­lings usu­ally don’t sur­vive be­cause the cow­bird chick is much larger and more de­mand­ing. The cow­bird chick out­com­petes the spar­row chicks for food and space within the nest.

So if you ever see a small par­ent bird feed­ing a larger chick, don’t think that it has com­pas­sion for a help­less or­phan. In­stead, re­al­ize that the par­ent was fooled into sac­ri­fic­ing its own young in or­der to raise the in­vad­ing chick.

To stop the cow­bird­ing of Amer­ica, il­le­gal-im­mi­grant chil­dren and their par­ents must re­turn to their na­tive coun­tries and build their own nests.

CHEREE CAL­ABRO Val­paraiso, In­di­ana

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