Harry Reid’s Koch-smear dou­ble stan­dard

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Se­nate Ma­jor­ity Leader Harry Reid’s de­mo­niza­tion of the Koch broth­ers does not ex­ist in a vac­uum. The Kochs are do­ing what lib­eral Tom Steyer is do­ing, but Mr. Steyer, the go-to guy on all things Key­stone XL pipe­line, escapes the calumny heaped on con­ser­va­tive fun­ders.

For those who have been out to lunch, Mr. Steyer has pledged $100 mil­lion to Demo­cratic can­di­dates as long as the pipe­line is not au­tho­rized. Mirabile dictu, Pres­i­dent Obama has de­layed a de­ci­sion on con­struc­tion yet again, pre­sum­ably un­til the check cashes.

I am old and slow, so would some­one please ex­plain to me why Mr. Reid’s hyp­o­crit­i­cal out­rage against the Koch broth­ers escapes crit­i­cal com­ment from fel­low Democrats? The li­on­iza­tion of Mr. Steyer, Ge­orge Soros and the nowde­ceased Peter Lewis for do­ing on the lib­eral side what is so heinous when done by con­ser­va­tives does not pass the smell test, even for this old cur­mud­geon who de­faults to cyn­i­cism as fre­quently as I draw breath.


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