Adrift in the sea of self ab­sorp­tion

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY CHARLES HURT

What do Christina Fre­undlich, Lena Dun­ham and An­dreas Lu­b­itz all have in com­mon? Lost in a sea of self ab­sorp­tion, th­ese three pa­thetic souls have lived empty lives, de­void of mean­ing and in con­stant search of the self-love they are so cer­tain they de­serve.

Each is a tu­mor at var­i­ous stages of a great, mod­ern public can­cer that is this world of ease and self­ish­ness and glut­tony and delu­sion.

They lurk in the world of on­line fan­tasy that wrongly in­flates their own vi­sions of self-grandeur. It is a grat­i­fi­ca­tion that feeds on it­self un­til it en­tirely takes over one’s con­science so that there is noth­ing left that con­sid­ers those around them.

Tan­gled in the cords of iPods, ear buds and never-end­ing in­ter­con­nect­ed­ness, they were promised that all the new tech­nol­ogy would connect them seam­lessly to the world.

In­stead, it has left them com­pletely iso­lated, gasp­ing des­per­ately for at­ten­tion in the seething uni­verse of re­lent­less anonymity.

The re­sult is that they no longer know when things are funny. Or when they are ap­pallingly sad.

When faced with a sit­u­a­tion when they should think of oth­ers, they cling mind­lessly to them­selves, their own dirty urges, any­thing that makes them happy, gets them no­ticed.

You have prob­a­bly never heard of Christina Fre­undlich. Con­sider this a bless­ing.

This ghastly nar­cis­sist stum­bled upon the af­ter­math of the mon­strous gas ex­plo­sion in New York City that lev­eled part of a city block and left two dead, dozens in­jured and many more home­less.

What does all of this in­spire in Christina Fre­undlich? Well, what else, but a “selfie” with all the smok­ing car­nage in the back­ground?

Smil­ing, she of­fers a peace sign (Oh, how ironic!) as res­cuers con­tinue the grim task of find­ing bod­ies in the rub­ble be­hind her.

She posts the pic­ture on so­cial me­dia to a frenzy of “likes” be­fore the wrath of con­dem­na­tion hits.

Turns out Ms. Fre­undlich is a savvy spin­meis­ter, hav­ing served as com­mu­ni­ca­tions direc­tor for the Iowa Demo­cratic Party and worked on both of Pres­i­dent Obama’s pres­i­den­tial cam­paigns.

“Sorry,” she says now. If there is any­one in this world who ac­tu­ally cares for this sad sack, they will stage an in­ter­ven­tion for her, take her phone away, re­move her from so­cial me­dia for­ever and find her a new line of work. Maybe clean­ing bed­pans at a pri­son nurs­ing home.

As for Lena Dun­ham, it is very likely you have heard of her. This, of course, is a ter­ri­ble curse.

Miss Dun­ham is an “actress” on an HBO show that for some rea­son al­lows her to wad­dle around naked, in­clud­ing one scene where she eats a ham­burger while sit­ting on a toi­let.

Miss Dun­ham is a sad, lost soul. Most re­cently, the at­ten­tion-starved non-star­let went on an anti-Jew tirade lev­el­ing tired, old anti-Semitic tropes in an­other des­per­ate gam­bit for no­to­ri­ety at any cost. As one critic noted later, Miss Dun­ham’s “real crime against the Jewish peo­ple” was not be­ing funny.

You can be as­sured this will not de­ter her from more such an­tics in her ag­o­nized crav­ing for you to no­tice her.

Which brings us to An­dreas Lu­b­itz, who — trag­i­cally — the whole world now knows.

He suf­fered the same delu­sions, hy­per self-ab­sorp­tion, and des­per­ate de­sire to be no­ticed at any cost.

The only dif­fer­ence is that Ms. Fre­undlich and Miss Dun­ham are losers en­trusted with zero public re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. Mr. Lu­b­itz, trag­i­cally, was en­trusted with the con­trols of a packed jet­liner.

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