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“Now some have said to me, ‘Well, you’re big on all this lib­erty stuff, why do you want to re­strict a woman’s right to choose?’ And I say, ‘Well, you know what, the gov­ern­ment does have some role in our lives. One of the main roles the gov­ern­ment has is to re­strict you from harm­ing an­other in­di­vid­ual.’ Which gets us back to the orig­i­nal de­bate: When life be­gins, there is a role for state. So it’s not that I’m against peo­ple choos­ing things. I’m in fact one of the big­gest believ­ers in choice and lib­erty. But you can’t have lib­erty if you don’t pro­tect where your lib­erty orig­i­nates from — and that’s your right to life.”

— Sen. Rand Paul, to the re­cent Su­san B. An­thony List Sum­mit in the na­tion’s cap­i­tal.

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