Hil­lary suf­fers Trump envy as Clin­ton fa­tigue sets in

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY CHARLES HURT

No woman in the tele­vi­sion age of Amer­i­can pol­i­tics has suf­fered so much abuse and public hu­mil­i­a­tion at the hands of men.

For her en­tire mar­riage, Hil­lary Rod­ham Clin­ton has been cheated on by a pervy mo­lester with an un­bri­dled li­bido. Again and again plays the end­less loop of video in which the man she mar­ried is ac­cused of rap­ing — another woman. Oh, such scorn!

And imag­ine the fes­ter­ing in­jus­tice she must feel when she sur­veys all of her trou­bles around her now about se­cret email servers and shady deal­ings and plum­met­ing poll num­bers and then re­mem­bers how shame­lessly rot­ten HE was — and yet got away with it all!

Most galling of all must be when she peers across the aisle into the Repub­li­can field and sees the daz­zling and in­vig­o­rat­ing cam­paign that is Don­ald Trump. The Don­ald is hav­ing so much FUN. The Hil­lary, mean­while, is so mis­er­able that Reuters news ser­vice brought in a body lan­guage ex­pert to di­ag­nose her ob­vi­ous dis­tress. “Sad­ness. Anx­i­ety.” Bru­tal. In­deed, Mr. Trump and his cam­paign are ev­ery­thing that Mrs. Clin­ton and hers are not. She is suf­fer­ing a ter­ri­ble case of Trump envy.

Talk about low energy. Hil­lary Clin­ton makes Jeb Bush look like the En­er­gizer Bunny!

Hil­lary seems so old and played out. Yet she is two years younger than Mr. Trump! And still on her first hus­band.

Be­cause of his mas­tery in the field, Don­ald Trump had been in the media’s glare since well be­fore the Clin­tons ar­rived in Washington with all their Arkansas bag­gage. Yet it is Hil­lary Clin­ton that ev­ery­body is so tired of. Hil­lary fa­tigue is the one thing uni­fy­ing Democrats and Repub­li­cans to­day.

The poor woman is even get­ting beaten around by So­cial­ist Bernie San­ders — and he is the old­est of them all! And, on top of that, the old codger has been in Congress for a quar­ter-cen­tury! If he ain’t to blame for this mess than no­body is!

Mr. Trump is con­stantly ridiculed by all the ex­perts who de­spise him (and his le­gion of sup­port­ers) for his celebrity sta­tus. But they can­not deny that he has seam­lessly con­verted that into a Golden Cam­paign.

But wait! That was sup­posed to be Hil­lary’s trick!

All she has ever been is a celebrity, hav­ing mar­ried the right per­son who was in­sanely gifted at pol­i­tics. She suc­cess­fully con­verted that celebrity into a Se­nate seat from a state she was not from. And she thought she could could ride that celebrity all the way to the White House.

Turns out that old shabby don­key broke down in Foggy Bot­tom and re­fused to budge one inch more up the hill to the White House.

In­stead po­lit­i­cal hosan­nas, all Hil­lary Clin­ton seems to get for her celebrity sta­tus these days is more and more hellish wrath from vot­ers on both sides of the aisle.

Gets even worse when she opens her mouth.

Don­ald Trump talks and the most out­ra­geous things pop out about rapists and blood and fat peo­ple. Vot­ers jump up and cheer and ap­plaud him for his hon­esty.

When Hil­lary Clin­ton opens her mouth, the most tired and mean­ing­less pablum drib­bles out. And ev­ery­one just shakes their head and thinks she is ly­ing.

“What, with, like a cloth or some­thing?” she said when asked if her se­cret server had been wiped clean.

And how about her wealth? She and her hus­band are worth some $170 mil­lion off of book deals and speak­ing fees and var­i­ous other grift­ing that lies at the in­ter­sec­tion of pol­i­tics and money.

$170 mil­lion. That is not even half of what Don­ald Trump says he makes in a sin­gle year. His net worth is at least some 20 times that of the Clin­tons’. Could be more like 50 times their wealth.

Yet, it is Hil­lary Clin­ton who is daily evis­cer­ated for her wealth and ridiculed for claim­ing to have been pen­ni­less when she left the White House. Oh, the in­jus­tice!

What makes it all so gru­el­ing and op­pres­sive is not that it is some­thing she has never en­coun­tered be­fore but rather that she has en­dured it for so, so long.

Re­mem­ber 2008? When the long, bit­ter fight was all over, the Demo­cratic Party told her it was time for a black man. Next time, they as­sured her, it would be HER turn. It would be time for the woman.

Yeah, her turn to get beaten again. This time by an older white guy with an or­ange comb-over.

Charles Hurt can be reached at charleshurt@live.com and on Twit­ter via @charleshurt.

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