Dear Don­ald: Stay re­fresh­ing, back off Carly and Ben

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY CHARLES HURT

Mr. Trump: You have run a nearflaw­less cam­paign. At ev­ery turn, your orig­i­nal­ity and un­pre­dictabil­ity have out­smarted the most highly touted minds in the po­lit­i­cal world to­day. Ev­ery time they count you out, you gain 10 more points in the polls. It is, as you your­self might say, a-MAAAAAAAAZ-ing.

You have done all of this us­ing a re­fresh­ingly sim­ple, straight-for­ward strat­egy. You know what you want to say, you say it plainly and force­fully and then you stick with it.

Such com­mit­ment, of course, is heresy in this sleazy world of liars where no­body says any­thing and if they ever slip up and ac­ci­den­tally speak forthrightly, the next step is to re­tract the state­ment. Then they check into re­hab and blame it on booze or the pills.

Even in the cases where you have said things inart­fully or things you sim­ply should not have said, you had the de­cency to stick with them and move on with­out apol­ogy. In this era of con­stan­ta­pol­ogy porn, that is re­fresh­ing.

Your sense of where vot­ers stand on the most im­por­tant is­sues of the day is with­out peer. Your quick anal­y­sis of illegal immigration is like a life raft for a coun­try quickly los­ing all last hopes.

One of my fa­vorite po­lit­i­cal in­stincts of yours is your pri­mal abil­ity to sense weak­ness in your en­emy and then strike fast with ab­so­lute pre­ci­sion and sav­age fe­roc­ity.

If Amer­i­cans watch NASCAR for the fiery crashes, we now watch po­lit­i­cal de­bates for the Don­ald Trump take­downs of politi­cians. We love them be­cause they ar­tic­u­late the deep-felt thoughts and frus­tra­tions of mil­lions.

Which brings me to the one thing you must change about your cam­paign:


I get it. It’s not in your DNA, es­pe­cially when some­one casts an un­war­ranted and nasty at­tack your way first. But you must learn to not take their bait. Leave them alone.

The big­gest rea­son you need to quit at­tack­ing Mrs. Fio­r­ina and Mr. Car­son is sim­ple. You need their sup­port­ers. The rea­son both of them have zoomed up in the polls is be­cause vot­ers are tired of the politi­cians. Mr. Car­son and Mrs. Fio­r­ina are part of the emerg­ing school of non-politi­cians, founded of course by one Don­ald Trump. It is no co­in­ci­dence that the three most im­pres­sive can­di­dates thus far have all come from other pro­fes­sions.

When their cam­paigns floun­der, you want their sup­port­ers to join you.

You can­not af­ford to have them stay home. There are other rea­sons, too. With Mrs. Fio­r­ina, think ahead to the gen­eral elec­tion. Not only do you need her sup­port­ers, you need her vig­or­ous sup­port. Sim­ply put, she is the best at­tacker of Hil­lary Rod­ham Clin­ton who has ever ex­isted in ei­ther party.

Carly does to Hil­lary what you do to Jeb Bush! And whether Mrs. Clin­ton wins the nom­i­na­tion or not, she will need to be roundly and mer­ci­lessly at­tacked through­out the gen­eral elec­tion.

With Ben Car­son, you must re­mem­ber that he is quite pos­si­bly the finest, most de­cent per­son to seek the pres­i­dency in mem­ory. He is an ex­traor­di­nar­ily ac­com­plished and ad­mired physi­cian — a healer of the sick in a so­ci­ety that reveres those few among us with such gifts. Be­lit­tling those real-world ac­com­plish­ments is be­neath you.

But Mr. Car­son is a soft and sweet talker. He is not com­man­der in chief ma­te­rial. He does not pro­ject him­self in the large way that a good pres­i­dent needs to.

Ben Car­son does not be­long in the White House. He be­longs on the Supreme Court and you should put him there.

Of course, I un­der­stand that Mr. Car­son at­tacked your faith. It was un­char­ac­ter­is­tic of him. But your best re­sponse would have been:

“I was shocked Mr. Car­son said such a thing. He has al­ways struck me as a good Chris­tian man and he knows bet­ter than to judge or ques­tion the faith of other Chris­tians. I am sure that upon re­flec­tion Mr. Car­son re­grets his com­ments.”

It would be dev­as­tat­ing, while also al­low­ing you to keep your steady stream of vit­riol on the true vil­lains around here.

Charles Hurt can be reached at and on Twit­ter via @charleshurt.

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