Why GOP hope­fuls sup­port Is­rael

A few points Ann Coul­ter might want to con­sider

The Washington Times Weekly - - Front Page - By Clifford D. May Clifford D. May is pres­i­dent of the Foun­da­tion for De­fense of Democ­ra­cies and a colum­nist for The Washington Times

Dear Ann, So last week dur­ing the Repub­li­can de­bate, hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ple read your tweets lam­bast­ing four of the can­di­dates — Gov. Chris Christie, for­mer Gov. Mike Huck­abee and Sen­a­tors Marco Ru­bio and Ted Cruz — for ex­press­ing their strong sup­port for Is­rael. Based not just on what you said but also on how you said it (e.g. “How many f--ing Jews do these peo­ple think there are in the United States?”) quite a few of those read­ers have now con­cluded that you’re anti-Semitic.

Let me sum up, in one para­graph, what I think I know about anti-Semitism: It’s as old as the Judean Hills. It morphs but never dies. It’s a de­range­ment syn­drome. It can af­flict those on ei­ther side of the po­lit­i­cal spec­trum. Those af­flicted can­not be rea­soned out of it be­cause they weren’t rea­soned into it.

Look, I’m not jump­ing to the con­clu­sion that any of this ap­plies to you. I get that you’re as much an en­ter­tainer as a pun­dit and that be­ing provoca­tive is part of your shtick. That said, would you ever tweet about “f---ing blacks” or “f---ing His­pan­ics”?

OK, let’s put all that aside and fo­cus on what you now say you in­tended: to charge that the can­di­dates were declar­ing their un­shake­able sup­port for Is­rael only to pan­der to Amer­i­can Jews. Will you bear with me while I raise a few points that chal­lenge con­clu­sion?

“No bet­ter friend, no worse en­emy” — that an­cient motto, I would ar­gue, de­scribes how the world should re­gard the United States. But Pres­i­dent Obama has spent years at­tempt­ing to con­cil­i­ate Amer­ica’s en­e­mies while de­mon­strat­ing dis­dain for Amer­ica’s al­lies. Re­mem­ber the bust of Churchill he re­moved from the White House? Re­mem­ber the mis­sile shield for Poland and the Czech Re­pub­lic he can­celed? The Kurds have been ask­ing for weapons as good as those be­ing used by their en­e­mies (who also are our en­e­mies) but Mr. Obama has re­fused.

And, most re­cently and sig­nif­i­cantly, he con­cluded a deal that will fa­cil­i­tate the flow of bil­lions of dol­lars and so­phis­ti­cated arms to the Is­lamic Re­pub­lic of Iran — a ter­ror­ist-spon­sor­ing regime ded­i­cated to a global revo­lu­tion against Amer­i­can power, a regime re­spon­si­ble for killing and maim­ing thou­sands of Amer­i­cans over the past 36 years, a regime that con­trols four Arab cap­i­tals and has vowed to an­ni­hi­late Is­rael.

Mr. Obama claims his deal will block Iran’s path to nu­clear weapons. He seems to be­lieve it will in­spire a more mod­er­ate mood in Tehran. Polls show most Amer­i­cans are un­con­vinced as is a ma­jor­ity in both houses of Congress.

Per­haps you fig­ure Iran’s rulers want nukes only to use against Is­rael and, un­for­tu­nate as that would be, it’s an Is­raeli prob­lem, not an Amer­i­can prob­lem. What, then, do you make of their ef­forts to build ICBMs? They don’t need ICBMs to mass-mur­der Is­raelis. They need ICBMs to de­liver nukes to tar­gets on other con­ti­nents. Like the one you and I live on.

Those who call them­selves “ji­hadis” — Shia and Sunni alike — are right about one thing: Is­rael is the Mid­dle East’s lone out­post of Judeo-Chris­tian val­ues. Is­raelis be­lieve in democ­racy, free­dom, plu­ral­ism, tol­er­ance, hu­man rights and mi­nor­ity rights. About 17 per­cent of Is­rael’s cit­i­zens are Mus­lims. They en­joy rights not avail­able to Mus­lims in any Mus­lim-ma­jor­ity lands.

And at a time when an­cient Chris­tian com­mu­ni­ties are be­ing slaugh­tered in — and erad­i­cated from — many of those Mus­lim lands, Chris­tians in the Jewish state are safe and free. Their num­bers are grow­ing. Their holy places are pro­tected. This would not be the case were the ji­hadis to drive Is­rael’s “f---ing Jews” into the sea. You get that, don’t you?

When ji­hadis vow to de­feat “Cru­saders and Zion­ists,” it is Chris­tians and Jews they are talk­ing about. They re­fer to Amer­ica as the “Great Satan” and Is­rael as the “Lit­tle Satan.” Their strug­gle is both ide­o­log­i­cal and ki­netic and it is the most sig­nif­i­cant of this cen­tury. Is­raelis are on the front lines. Front-line troops de­serve sup­port, don’t you think?

Years ago, Sec­re­tary of State Alexan­der Haig put it slightly dif­fer­ently. He called Is­rael “the largest Amer­i­can air­craft car­rier in the world that can­not be sunk, does not carry even one Amer­i­can soldier, and is lo­cated in a crit­i­cal re­gion for Amer­i­can na­tional se­cu­rity.” In part­ner­ship with Amer­i­cans, Is­raelis are do­ing cut­ting-edge work in such crit­i­cal ar­eas as mis­sile de­fense, cy­ber war­fare, port and air­port se­cu­rity and in­tel­li­gence.

Is­raelis have never asked Amer­i­can sol­diers to de­fend them — they would not want that. They would, how­ever, like Amer­i­cans to sup­port their right to de­fend them­selves. Most Amer­i­cans do. I as­sume you do, too.

I’m run­ning out of space so here’s my last point for to­day: Ge­orge Gilder, as I hope you’ll agree, is one of con­tem­po­rary Amer­ica’s most bril­liant con­ser­va­tive minds. (And, as you prob­a­bly know, he doesn’t hap­pen to be Jewish.) A few years back he wrote a book called “The Is­rael Test.” His straight­for­ward con­clu­sion: Is­rael is “the most vul­ner­a­ble source of Western power and in­tel­li­gence.”

More to the point, Is­rael is “not only the ca­nary in the coal mine — it is also a cru­cial part of the mine.” If Amer­i­cans will not de­fend Is­rael, they will “prove un­able to de­fend any­thing else. The Is­rael test is fi­nally our own test of sur­vival as a free na­tion.”

I think most of the can­di­dates on the stage last week un­der­stand how Mr. Gilder reached that con­clu­sion. You clearly don’t but you’re smart enough to fol­low Mr. Gilder’s rea­son­ing. Un­less this is not about rea­son. Un­less this is about some­thing else. In which case, no words or argumentation will con­vince you.


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