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“Trumpophrenic” — New term coined by PJ Me­dia founder Roger L. Si­mon to iden­tify those who have con­flict­ing feel­ings on Repub­li­can fron­trun­ner Don­ald Trump.

“I am a Trumpophrenic. Some of the time I re­ally like the guy — es­pe­cially when he mocks the asi­nine po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness that has in­fected ev­ery inch of our na­tion from the moun­tain­tops to the ships at sea. I’m also with him in a big way when he talks about re­viv­ing Amer­ica and mak­ing her great again,” Mr. Si­mon ex­plains. “Other times, when he acts like a kinder­gart­ner throw­ing mud pies at class­mates, I want to bang my fore­head on the desk un­til he goes away or at least re­tires per­ma­nently to one of his golf clubs.”

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