Anti-Trump glee leaves GOP with sin­gle-digit can­di­dates

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY CHARLES HURT

To hear the GOP es­tab­lish­ment squeal with such glee, you would think there was a fire sale go­ing on down at Brooks Broth­ers. Or maybe Congress just passed a law mak­ing coun­try club dues tax-de­ductible. Or some­body in­vented a glow-in-the-dark golf ball.

Fi­nally! A poll re­leased that doesn’t show real es­tate mogul Don­ald Trump trounc­ing the en­tire field of can­di­dates run­ning for the Repub­li­can nom­i­na­tion!

Vic­tory! Vindi­ca­tion! Told you so! Clink the cham­pagne flutes!

“Does my heart good,” one re­lieved vet­eran Repub­li­can op­er­a­tive glee­fully told Politico.

How will Mr. Trump han­dle such an epic de­feat now that he is “trail­ing” in the polls, the ex­perts ask. “Trail­ing,” they say! And best of all, this dev­as­tat­ing poll ex­pos­ing Mr. Trump’s hu­mil­i­at­ing demise comes right on the eve of a cru­cial de­bate in the swing­ing city of Boul­der in the swing state of Colorado!

Of course, any­one not suf­fer­ing Stock­holm Syn­drome who hasn’t been held cap­tive for decades by the lib­eral me­dia might balk a lit­tle at the source of this won­der­ful news: The New York Times and CBS News. Se­ri­ously. Will Repub­li­cans ever learn? Now lets dig down into th­ese dev­as­tat­ing num­bers tolling the death knell for Mr. Trump’s won­der­fully imag­i­na­tive and en­er­getic cam­paign for pres­i­dent.

Ben Car­son, ac­cord­ing to this na­tional poll of Repub­li­can vot­ers, leads the field with 26 per­cent of the vote.

Funny, I did not re­al­ize that the New York Times and CBS News knew any Repub­li­cans, but okay.

How, ex­actly, this is good news for GOP es­tab­lish­ment types, I will never en­tirely un­der­stand. I mean, have they lis­tened to what Mr. Car­son has to say about them? He is hardly an in­sider him­self. His stun­ning rise in the polls is all part of the very same vit­ri­olic voter re­buke of es­tab­lish­ment Repub­li­cans that has fu­eled Mr. Trump.

But no mat­ter. The es­tab­lish­ment’s blind­ing ha­tred of Mr. Trump is not log­i­cal. He — and the mil­lions of Amer­i­cans who grav­i­tate to him — are dis­gust­ing vul­gar­i­ans whose only pur­pose in the po­lit­i­cal process is to cast votes and write checks to get es­tab­lish­ment Repub­li­cans elected. Other than that: Shut up! That is why the herald­ing of Mr. Trump’s demise is such good news. So, let’s get back to the poll, brought to us by the New York Times and CBS News.

Trail­ing far be­hind Mr. Car­son is most of the rest of the field, back in sin­gle dig­its. Ev­ery sin­gle can­di­date who could pos­si­bly lay any claim what­so­ever to the es­tab­lish­ment man­tle is toil­ing away at eight per­cent or less.

Some of them can­not even break four per­cent. Six of them are get­ting beaten by “None” and 10 of them are get­ting clob­bered by “Don’t know.”

Three of them are polling so low they do not even reg­is­ter a num­ber.

So, how does Mr. Trump fare in this dev­as­tat­ing poll trum­pet­ing the end of his po­lit­i­cal ca­reer?

Twenty-two points. That’s right, just four points be­hind Mr. Car­son, just within the mar­gin of er­ror. And dou­ble dig­its ahead of ev­ery sin­gle can­di­date ever ped­dled by es­tab­lish­ment GOPers.

If Repub­li­cans think this is some­thing to cel­e­brate, or some­how ab­solves them of with­er­ing judg­ment by vot­ers, then they are even worse off than we thought.

Charles Hurt can be reached at and on Twit­ter via @charleshurt.


Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Ben Car­son, ac­cord­ing to a na­tional poll of Repub­li­can vot­ers, leads the field with 26 per­cent of the vote.

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