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Pol­i­tics is get­ting murky th­ese days, and some sug­gest Amer­i­cans are sub­sti­tut­ing ide­ol­ogy for faith.

“How much is lib­er­al­ism like a re­li­gion?” asks Tyler O’Neil, a con­ser­va­tive colum­nist for PJ Me­dia. “There is a sort of or­tho­doxy re­quired among lib­er­als. Do you be­lieve in cli­mate change? What about the gen­der pay gap? Those who do not toe the line of­ten find them­selves ex­iled — not just from the fold, but from the con­ver­sa­tion.”

He con­tin­ues, “To some ex­tent, th­ese views are merely what we mean when we say the word “lib­eral” — they de­scribe a po­lit­i­cal pro­gram roughly sup­ported by one ma­jor party. But at some point, th­ese views have be­come pre­scrip­tive; they have mor­phed into a moral struc­ture to pro­vide mean­ing and guid­ance in place of re­li­gion. When po­lit­i­cal be­liefs start to ex­plain why bad things hap­pen to good peo­ple, they may be crys­tal­liz­ing into some­thing closer to faith.”

Those who es­pouse lib­eral the­ol­ogy have lit­tle pa­tience for those who don’t.

“The ac­cu­sa­tions are end­less. If you don’t be­lieve in lib­eral po­si­tions about cli­mate change, the min­i­mum wage or so­cial jus­tice pro­grams, you must have been bought off — there sim­ply is no other pos­si­ble ex­pla­na­tion. How could you hate the poor so much? How could you doubt es­tab­lished facts? How could you hate your­self?” Mr. O’Neil says.

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