Con­fused about the enemy

Ter­ror­ism ex­plodes and Obama goes to war against Amer­ica

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - By Tammy Bruce

Since the hor­rific Paris terror at­tacks, Pres­i­dent Obama and the Democrats want you to think that de­fend­ing our­selves from Is­lamic ter­ror­ism will only make things worse. Bomb­ing ISIL, you see, will make it eas­ier for them to re­cruit.

Mr. Obama also says clos­ing the Guantanamo Bay mil­i­tary prison will make us safer be­cause, ac­cord­ing to him, ISIL uses its ex­is­tence as a re­cruit­ment tool.

The pres­i­dent also in­sists that any ef­fort to pause the im­por­ta­tion of Syr­ian refugees while we strengthen the vet­ting process will also cause more Mus­lims to join the ranks of those in­sane mass mur­der­ers.

“I can­not think of a more po­tent re­cruit­ment tool for ISIL than some of the rhetoric com­ing out of here in the course of this de­bate,” said Mr. Obama while in the Philip­pines. He went so far as to state the bi-par­ti­san ef­fort to make the refugee process more se­cure some­how “feeds the ISIL nar­ra­tive.”

One of my co-blog­gers noted the ‘curious para­dox’ of this po­si­tion at my web­site: “Strikes me as a curious para­dox that Mus­lims are not Mus­lims when they are ac­tive ter­ror­ists but they are all po­ten­tial ter­ror­ists if we do any­thing to of­fend Mus­lims. I have in mind the dire warn­ings of a re­cruit­ment bo­nanza if we don’t ac­cept Syr­ian refugees.”

The fact that at least one of the Paris at­tack­ers ex­ploited the Syr­ian refugee net­work brings at­ten­tion to our own open southern border.

Terror at­tacks, by their very na­ture, are events which tran­scend par­ti­san­ship. They are usu­ally wakeup calls about the con­di­tion of the world and in­di­cate whether po­lit­i­cal lead­er­ship is do­ing its job keep­ing its cit­i­zens safe.

Yet Mr. Obama sim­ply sees the re­al­ity of the world threat­en­ing his pet projects. It is in­con­ve­nient for Mr. Obama to shift from his “legacy” work so he just won’t do it.

One day af­ter the Paris at­tacks, the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion re­sponded by re­leas­ing 5 ter­ror­ists from Guantanamo Bay, keep­ing with Mr. Obama’s fix­a­tion on clos­ing the fa­cil­ity and re­fusal to en­gage with any ob­jec­tive truth that should in­form his ac­tions. In­ter­est­ingly, one week af­ter the Char­lie Hebdo at­tacks Mr. Obama also re­leased 5 ter­ror­ists from Gitmo.

Less than a week af­ter the Paris atroc­i­ties, Mr. Obama de­clared, “Guantanamo has been an enor­mous re­cruit­ment tool for or­ga­ni­za­tions like ISIL. It is part of how they ra­tio­nal­ize and jus­tify their de­mented, sick per­pe­tra­tion of violence on in­no­cent peo­ple. We can keep the Amer­i­can peo­ple safe while shut­ting down that op­er­a­tion.”

The fact is, of course, there is no men­tion of Guantanamo Bay in any ISIL re­cruit­ment ma­te­rial. It’s likely Mr. Obama knows this, but he has to some­how make it seem as though he’s en­gaged with the cur­rent threat, so he’ll jam the square peg of his nar­ra­tive into the round hole of re­al­ity.

Mr. Obama’s bizarre, petu­lant at­ti­tude at a press con­fer­ence at the G20 sum­mit in Tur­key within days of the Paris mas­sacre also re­ceived wide­spread con­dem­na­tion.

In the first state­ment by the pres­i­dent of the United States since the worst at­tack on France since Hitler, with the bod­ies of vic­tims still at morgues, and the French de­clared war on ISIL and were hunt­ing down ter­ror­ists in their midst, things did not go as ex­pected.

In what could have been a Churchill-like mo­ment for him, Mr. Obama in­stead chose to be Mr. Ma­goo. He started by com­ment­ing on how beau­ti­ful Tur­key was, he then spoke some Turk­ish which made some peo­ple laugh (a joke!), went on about the global econ­omy, in­equal­ity, and cy­ber threats.

With all eyes on the pres­i­dent and the world look­ing for re­as­sur­ance and lead­er­ship, Mr. Obama did fi­nally men­tion Paris — by re­fer­ring to the up­com­ing cli­mate sum­mit, “And as we head into global cli­mate talks, all G20 coun­tries have sub­mit­ted our tar­gets, and we’ve pledged to work to­gether for a suc­cess­ful out­come in Paris.”

Mean­while the pools of blood at the Bat­a­clan con­cert hall in Paris waited for the poor souls who would be sent to clean up the af­ter­math of a mas­sacre.

Only then, al­most as an af­ter­thought, did Mr. Obama drag him­self into men­tion­ing the thing that dared to ruin his do­mes­tic plan of ac­tion for the next year: “Of course, much of our at­ten­tion has fo­cused on the heinous at­tacks that took place in Paris…”

Of course. But not really. You see, Mr. Obama had the last year of his pres­i­dency all laid out — race wars on cam­puses, anti-po­lice marches, un­re­strained im­mi­gra­tion, cli­mate change, gun con­trol, name any old and failed left­ist pol­icy dream, that was Mr. Obama’s next year.

Now th­ese dead Parisians were go­ing to ruin it all! The an­swer? Be­have as though it doesn’t mat­ter. Speak as though noth­ing has changed. Refuse to en­gage with calls to ac­tu­ally en­gage, to gov­ern, to ad­mit, once and for all, that the blood­baths in Beirut and Paris prove “lead­ing from be­hind” was a stupid slo­gan that ter­ror­ists took for a green­light to do as they pleased.

Mr. Obama’s in­sis­tence that his IS strat­egy was work­ing just fine, and that he had no plans to change it was met with sur­prise and even out­rage by the world’s press as­sem­bled for the sum­mit.

The pres­i­dent was aloof, even cold-blooded, call­ing the mas­sacre a “set­back,” saving his pas­sion at­tack­ing Repub­li­cans, and oth­ers with whom he dis­agrees, at home.

The sit­u­a­tion is so dire even Demo­cratic Sen. Dianne Fe­in­stein, the rank­ing mem­ber on the Se­nate In­tel­li­gence Com­mit­tee said this af­ter Mr. Obama’s com­ments:

“I have never been more con­cerned. I read the in­tel­li­gence faith­fully. ISIL is not con­tained. ISIL is ex­pand­ing. They’ve just put out a video say­ing it is their in­tent to at­tack this coun­try… There’s only one way we are go­ing to di­min­ish them and that is by tak­ing them out, be­cause they are grow­ing. They are in more than a dozen coun­tries now.”

Sen. Fe­in­stein is right. Un­for­tu­nately for us, we have a pres­i­dent who seems in­stead to be at war with his own coun­try.

Tammy Bruce is a ra­dio talk show host.


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