A hardly spon­ta­neous protest

The anti-Trump ri­ots are planned and funded by the left

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - By Tammy Bruce

From Chicago to Albuquerque to San Diego, and the now ob­scene riot in San Jose, Cal­i­for­nia, Amer­i­cans and the world saw sup­port­ers of the lib­eral agenda vi­o­lently tar­get Trump sup­port­ers, peace­fully try­ing to at­tend a rally, as though they were prey. Make no mis­take — these sup­posed anti-Trump ri­ots are not or­ganic nor are they nat­u­ral; they are the re­sult of left­ist or­ga­niz­ing us­ing paid stooges. Fox News re­ported in March a Craigslist ad posted by Bernie San­ders sup­port­ers of­fer­ing $15 an hour to protest at a Trump rally in Wis­con­sin. They would also pro­vide shut­tle bus trans­port, park­ing if you needed it and ready-made signs.

Yeah, not or­ga­nized at all. Just nat­u­ral, up­set cit­i­zens who are so pas­sion­ate about the sit­u­a­tion they just can’t help them­selves. And if you be­lieve that, I have a YouTube video for you that caused a bunch of passersby in Beng­hazi to riot, too.

When con­fronted with the fact that the or­ga­niz­ers of these melees are Bernie San­ders sup­port­ers, and rep­re­sen­ta­tives from Demo­crat-al­lied groups, like La Raza and MoveOn.org, the Demo­cratic party estab­lish­ment de­nies, de­nies, de­nies. They then con­demn the vi­o­lence with one hand, while their al­lies per­pet­u­ate it.

So let’s have a few facts about who has been or­ga­niz­ing this from the be­gin­ning, shall we?

In March, Kelly Rid­dell of this news­pa­per re­ported the left­ist ag­i­tat­ing group MoveOn.org, which has en­dorsed Bernie San­ders and is funded by Hil­lary sup­porter Ge­orge Soros, sent out a fundrais­ing email af­ter lib­eral ag­i­ta­tors man­aged to shut down a Trump rally in Chicago. In their email to sup­port­ers MoveOn.org high­lighted the sup­port they pro­vided those ag­i­ta­tors:

“We’ve been ramp­ing up our ef­forts for months… to the sup­port we pro­vided stu­dents in Chicago last night by print­ing signs and a ban­ner and re­cruit­ing MoveOn.org mem­bers to join their peace­ful protest,” the MoveOn.org email con­tin­ued, “We need to dou­ble­down in the face of di­rect at­tacks on our com­mu­nity,” re­ported Ms. Rid­dell.

The prob­lem, of course, was the so-called protest in Chicago, like the one in San Jose, was any­thing but peace­ful. Mr. Trump can­celled that event be­cause of the un­fold­ing vi­o­lence against his sup­port­ers even prior to the rally’s start. No doubt the irony of that is lost on MoveOn.org. The email con­fes­sion con­tin­ued: “And to keep it go­ing, we’re count­ing on you to do­nate what­ever you can to cover the costs of ev­ery­thing in­volved — the or­ga­niz­ers, signs, on­line re­cruit­ment ads, train­ing, and more.” (Em­pha­sis mine).

Also play­ing a prom­i­nent role in the anti-Trump Chicago protest, ob­vi­ously ex­pand­ing into a na­tional ef­fort, was the Demo­cratic So­cial­ists of Amer­ica, a group with which Bernie San­ders has been in­volved.

Bre­it­bart re­ports ad­di­tional groups in­volved in these po­lit­i­cal astro-turf events in­clude pro­fes­sional lib­eral and left­ist ag­i­ta­tor groups Black Lives Mat­ter Chicago, MoveOn.org, La Raza Chicago, In­ter­na­tional AN­SWER Chicago, SEIU Local 73, The Illi­nois Coali­tion of Im­mi­grant and Refugee Rights, and more.

Then there’s Hil­lary’s di­rect con­nec­tion to a ‘spon­ta­neous’ anti-Trump protest. Writ­ing about a vet­eran’s protest against Mr. Trump, the Daily Beast re­ported last month:

“It seemed like an out­pour­ing of vet­eran anger against Don­ald Trump: over a dozen for­mer ser­vice mem­bers protest­ing out­side Trump Tower. But the re­al­ity was more com­pli­cated. The protest was ac­tu­ally a co­or­di­nated ef­fort, led in part by the Hil­lary Clin­ton cam­paign… It only looked like a grass­roots demon­stra­tion…”

At first ev­ery­one lied about the fact that it was Hil­lary astro-turf pro­tes­tors, but then it all fell apart. “A spokesman for the demon­stra­tors in­sisted they had no af­fil­i­a­tion with any cam­paign. Later he said the pro­test­ers had reached out to the Clin­ton cam­paign for press con­tacts, but that’s all. Then the ac­tivist fi­nally ad­mit­ted that, yes, the Clin­ton cam­paign had helped or­ga­nize the protest,” re­ported the Daily Beast.

The lat­est em­bar­rass­ment for the Democrats (and the coun­try) was last Thurs­day, when Amer­i­cans watched in hor­ror the video of lib­eral “pro­tes­tors” at a San Jose Trump rally vi­o­lently at­tack­ing peo­ple who were try­ing to at­tend the event.

We watch a Trump sup­porter be­ing sucker punched; then footage of a man be­ing hit in the head with a metal box; Trump sup­port­ers be­ing chased like an­i­mals by masked men wav­ing the Mex­i­can flag; a wo­man, in now vi­ral footage, be­ing sur­rounded by what can only be de­scribed as an an­gry pack of… lib­er­als throw­ing food and bot­tles at her head and push­ing the Mex­i­can flag in her face.

Shock­ingly, some me­dia and many lib­er­als on so­cial plat­forms were say­ing she pro­voked the mob by taunt­ing them… by wear­ing a Trump t-shirt. Which I guess means a wo­man who’s wear­ing a short skirt de­serves to be raped, right Democrats?

The Amer­i­can flag was burned, cars were at­tacked, peo­ple were spat upon, punched in the face, and beaten. It was a riot, but the me­dia is still call­ing it a “clash,” as though it was a mu­tual lit­tle skir­mish.

Even­tu­ally the mayor of San Jose made a state­ment blam­ing… Trump.

This is what lib­er­als have been do­ing since the ’60s. They’ve done it here, in Eu­rope and South Amer­ica. The left al­ways re­sorts to vi­o­lence be­cause they can­not win on the is­sues. The poli­cies of Hil­lary and Bernie de­stroy lives and the only way to keep you in line, like a bat­terer, is to keep you too afraid to leave them. They hope you’ll be in­tim­i­dated into sur­ren­der­ing, or at least will be dis­tracted to not no­tice that they’ve al­ready set the na­tion on fire.

But it’s al­ready too late. The Democrats and their al­lies sim­ply don’t un­der­stand try­ing to beat us into sub­mis­sion reaf­firms our de­ter­mi­na­tion to end this cha­rade. Tammy Bruce is a ra­dio talk show host.


A Trump sup­porter was egged by anti-Trump ri­ot­ers af­ter a rally in San Jose, Cal­i­for­nia.


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