Obama whiffs on na­tional se­cu­rity, blames guns

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY CHARLES HURT

Well, thank good­ness we have Pres­i­dent Obama on the case. He will get to the bot­tom of it and fi­nally put a stop to all this mur­der, mad­ness and may­hem. “And there also at this stage is no di­rect ev­i­dence that he was part of a larger plot,” a dazed Mr. Obama said halt­ingly as he — once again — down­played this crazy no­tion that Amer­ica and Western Civ­i­liza­tion is un­der re­lent­less at­tack from bar­baric an­i­mals slaugh­ter­ing hu­mans in the name of Is­lam.

No “di­rect ev­i­dence” that Is­lamic ji­hadi Omar Ma­teen’s ram­page in Or­lando was “part of a larger plot?” Are you Shi­ite-ing me??? In that sense, the com­man­der in chief went on, “it ap­pears to be sim­i­lar to what we saw in San Bernardino — but we don’t know yet.”

Oh, phew! For a mo­ment there I thought we were in se­ri­ous trou­ble. I thought the sav­age ex­e­cu­tion of 50 rev­el­ers in Or­lando might be part of a larger plot.

I mean, if that were the case and this were part of a “larger plot,” then it might kind of be the pres­i­dent’s fault that this stuff keeps hap­pen­ing over and over again. It might mean all these killings of in­no­cent civil­ians from Bos­ton to San Bernardino are, say, a na­tional se­cu­rity is­sue. Maybe?

Part of a “larger plot” might also raise some se­ri­ously awk­ward ques­tions about who ex­actly is do­ing the killing and whom ex­actly they are tar­get­ing and — oh, I don’t know — what ex­actly their mo­ti­va­tions are.

“We don’t yet know the mo­ti­va­tions,” Mr. Obama in­formed re­porters gath­ered in the Oval Of­fice.

Se­ri­ously? The guy is still stumped on this one?

What’s even more amaz­ing is that the as­sem­bled re­porters didn’t ex­plode into laugh­ter when the pres­i­dent said this. Or, maybe one of them could speak up and of­fer to pull the pres­i­dent aside to ex­plain the mo­ti­va­tion here.

The big­gest rea­son, of course, Mr. Obama re­mains the only per­son left on the planet who doesn’t know Omar Ma­teen’s mo­ti­va­tions and re­fuses to ac­cept the ex­is­tence of a “larger plot” against Amer­ica and civ­i­liza­tion is that if he were to ac­cept these plainly ob­vi­ous truths, then he would ac­tu­ally have to do some­thing about it. And that would be so hard. The sin­gle worst thing he and his fel­low Democrats could be forced to do today would be to take a very se­ri­ous look at their in­sane im­mi­gra­tion pol­icy where any­one — lit­er­ally even if you are just out of the Rio Grande, drip­ping wet — is wel­comed with open arms.

And if you come from a coun­try that is known as a hot­bed of vi­o­lent ji­had, well that’s just fine, too. And then there are the Syr­ian refugees — Hat Tip: Obama for­eign pol­icy — where thou­sands are stream­ing in from and even gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials ad­mit they are not able to per­form com­plete back­ground checks to see if they have ties to ter­ror­ist or­ga­ni­za­tion.

This is why Mr. Obama re­ally doesn’t want to see the “larger plot” or ac­knowl­edge how ob­vi­ous the “mo­ti­va­tions” are. He would rather use events like this to score par­ti­san po­lit­i­cal points and make non­sen­si­cal com­plaints about gun own­er­ship in Amer­ica.

“We are also go­ing to have to think about the risks we are will­ing to take by be­ing so lax in how we make very pow­er­ful firearms avail­able to the peo­ple in this coun­try,” Mr. Obama said. “And this is some­thing that ob­vi­ously I’ve talked about for a very long time.”

Um, okay. How about this, Mr. Pres­i­dent: You go ahead and dis­arm ev­ery last ter­ror­ist now lurk­ing in this coun­try, plot­ting their next ji­hadi mas­sacre and then we can talk about that.

But un­til you do that and start tak­ing your job se­ri­ously, we are go­ing to keep buy­ing guns and stock­pil­ing tons of am­mu­ni­tion so we can pro­tect our­selves, our fam­i­lies and neigh­bors in this red hot war on Amer­ica and civ­i­liza­tion. Charles Hurt can be reached at charleshurt@live.com; follow him on Twit­ter via @charleshurt.

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