Clinton, Obama made U.S. weak

The Washington Times Weekly - - Letters To The Editor - GRE­GORY J. TOPLIFF War­renville, South Carolina

Who in this coun­try thinks that ap­peas­ing or buy­ing off the en­emy is the right way to go? Hil­lary Clinton and Pres­i­dent Obama have de­mo­nized Don­ald Trump for want­ing our coun­try to be strong again; Mrs. Clinton has re­cently gone so far as to say that be­cause of his stance on ter­ror­ism, Mr. Trump is help­ing to re­cruit Is­lamic State ter­ror­ists.

The prob­lem I see with the Clin­tonObama game plan is that the en­emy looks at both these ‘lead­ers’ and sees that they have di­vided this coun­try. The ter­ror­ists see two gut­less in­com­pe­tents bow­ing their shame­ful heads in fear while the Is­lamic State takes its mur­der­ous acts to the United States.

How did the ter­ror­ists come to the con­clu­sion that our lead­ers are weak? Mrs. Clinton went hat in hand with her child­ish ‘re­set’ but­ton to Rus­sia, which sub­se­quently took Crimea. She pushed Mr. Obama into re­mov­ing Moam­mar Gad­hafi in Libya, and let the Is­lamic State take the coun­try over. The Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion had no game plan to sta­bi­lize Libya.

Divider-in-chief Obama re­moved the troops in Iraq, telling all when he would do it — and the Is­lamic State moved in and tore Iraq apart.

He drew his ‘red line’ in the sand in Syria and didn’t fol­low up, let­ting the Is­lamic State in­fil­trate that coun­try.

China has built two is­lands in the South China Sea, in­stalling war­planes and ig­nor­ing Mr. Obama.

But pay­ing Iran not to make nu­clear weapons was Mr. Obama’s big­gest mis­take. Like cow­ards with no back­bone, we gave cash to a de­clared en­emy — in ef­fect telling the world we were afraid.

Mrs. Clinton is a patho­log­i­cal liar and can’t be trusted. What has she led or ac­com­plished that makes her fit to be pres­i­dent?

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