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The Clinton/Trump po­lit­i­cal match has proved to be an ideal theme for in­ven­tive bars, which of­ten tai­lor their happy hours and nightly spe­cials around ma­jor sports events. And since the de­bate is a sports event of sorts, hun­dreds of bars around the na­tion now of­fer watch par­ties, over-sized TV screens, and cock­tails with names like “Third Party Can­di­date” and “Trump’s Wall.”.

D.S. Tequila Com­pany in Chicago of­fers the “Democrazy”, con­sist­ing of tequila, lime juice, or­ange juice, blue­berry Red Bull and blue cu­raçao. Not to be out­done, the Pine Box Rock Shop, a Brook­lyn bar, fea­tures “The Pantsuit,” which combines rum, mel­on­fla­vored liqueur and al­mond milk, served on the rocks; Don­key Punch (tequila, lime juice blue cu­ra­cao), The Ele­phant in The Room (a mar­tini pepped up with ap­ple juice and red­dened with grena­dine); Tremen­dous Train­wreck (vodka and ice tea topped with or­ange soda.) And in Boston, Park­ers Bar of­fer POTUS Punch, which is vodka with black­ber­ries, lemon juice and grena­dine.

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