Next pres­i­dent must stop Putin

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Dur­ing the G-20 talks, Rus­sia and China did joint anti-sub­ma­rine and is­land-seiz­ing exercises, as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jin­ping fill the void in a time of Amer­i­can re­treat around the globe, es­pe­cially in Syria, Ukraine and NATO. Af­ter eight years of Mr. Putin tak­ing Amer­ica to the clean­ers, the next U.S. pres­i­dent must make U.S. power great again.

Mr. Putin’s cy­ber war is dev­as­tat­ing against U.S. mil­i­tary, se­cu­rity and po­lit­i­cal tar­gets, and his cy­ber at­tacks against us have been helped much by Hil­lary Clinton’s email and many other se­cu­rity breaches. Rus­sia ig­nores arms lim­its while Mr. Obama cuts ours. Mr. Putin cheats in all nu­clear arms ar­eas, re­tain­ing bat­tle­field tac­ti­cal nukes, de­vel­op­ing new cruise mis­siles and dual-ca­pa­ble nu­clear/con­ven­tional arms. Rus­sia now de­ploys about 150 more war­heads than the United States, and China speeds its nu­clear build-up. Be­cause of Obama cuts, in an at­tack on the United States an en­emy would have to de­stroy only five sub­marines at sea, two sub bases, half a dozen bomber bases, and 450 missile si­los to de­stroy all U.S. de­ter­rents.

In Syria Mr. Putin has killed 40,000 pro-U.S. civil­ians, and from 2014 to 2016 he killed over 10,000 Ukraini­ans. Mr. Putin con­ducted the se­cond Chechen war to pun­ish and kill 50,000 in­no­cent peo­ple so he could look like a sav­ior of Rus­sia from ter­ror­ists and eas­ily be­come pres­i­dent. He in­vaded Ge­or­gia and an­nexed parts of it, sent troops and mil­i­tary aid to save Syria’s Bashar As­sad, cor­rupted the Sochi Olympics, seized the Crimea and downed Malaysia Flight 17.

Rus­sia con­tin­ues to be provoca­tive, as Mr. Putin has cre­ated na­tion­al­is­tic pop­u­lar­ity at home along with al­liances with China, Iran and Syria. Rus­sian sep­a­ratists, backed by 120,000 Rus­sian troops, con­tinue to ad­vance in Ukraine and at­tack the port city of Mar­i­upol. LT. COL. DO­MINIK GE­ORGE NARGELE U.S. Marine Corps (Re­tired) Arlington, Virginia

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