Pub­lic piety, pri­vate con­tempt for Clin­ton and aides

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In pub­lic, Hil­lary Clin­ton talks about how she would rep­re­sent all Amer­i­cans and pushes the “Stronger To­gether” campaign theme. But be­hind closed doors, there is no room for peo­ple of faith in her Amer­ica. Pri­vately, the Demo­cratic nom­i­nee and her campaign ad­vis­ers are push­ing a lib­eral agenda hos­tile to re­li­gion and tar­get­ing faith or­ga­ni­za­tions that do not adapt to their lib­eral “re­li­gion.”

The Clin­ton campaign is no friend of the cause of re­li­gious lib­erty. In­ter­nal emails ex­posed by Wik­iLeaks showed how her top campaign aides mock be­liev­ers and view evan­gel­i­cals and Catholics as back­ward in their be­liefs. Mrs. Clin­ton her­self even said pub­licly “deep-seated cul­tural codes and re­li­gious be­liefs and struc­tural bi­ases have to be changed.”

Well, her staff cer­tainly seemed ready and will­ing to do just that, par­tic­u­larly Chief of Staff John Podesta.

Top Hil­lary Clin­ton ad­vis­ers ridiculed in­di­vid­u­als for rais­ing their chil­dren Catholic, re­fer­ring to Catholics as be­ing “sys­tem­atic in thought and se­verely back­wards.” It was dis­turb­ing to read about how lib­er­als char­ac­ter­ize con­ser­va­tive Catholics as be­ing re­spon­si­ble for an “amaz­ing bas­tardiza­tion of faith.”

Catholics and evan­gel­i­cals should be trou­bled by Mrs. Clin­ton’s hid­den agenda to in­flu­ence and al­ter the tenets of Chris­tian and Catholic or­tho­doxy. Per­haps what is most dis­turb­ing is that Mrs. Clin­ton’s team will pan­der pub­licly on the stump to Catholics, Chris­tians, South­ern­ers and His­pan­ics, and then take a very dif­fer­ent stance be­hind closed doors from the com­fort of their key­boards. There they ex­press vi­cious con­tempt for the very vot­ers they need to win the elec­tion.

In an email ex­change with Mr. Podesta, Voices for Progress Pres­i­dent Sandy New­man wrote, “There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics them­selves de­mand the end of a mid­dle ages [sic] dic­ta­tor­ship.” He then pro­ceeded by ask­ing how to “plant the seeds of a revo­lu­tion.” Mr. Podesta replied, “We cre­ated Catholics in Al­liance for the Com­mon Good to or­ga­nize for a mo­ment like this ... like­wise Catholics United.”

It’s shock­ing that lib­er­als and Mrs. Clin­ton’s ad­vis­ers think they can hatch a “Catholic Spring,” a revo­lu­tion within the Church car­ried out by lib­eral po­lit­i­cal groups who strongly op­pose the Rome’s fun­da­men­tal teach­ings. This “revo­lu­tion” talk is sim­i­lar to the Soviet anti-Catholic cam­paigns, where Com­mu­nist lead­ers tried to un­der­mine the role and stature of the Catholic Church in Eastern Europe dur­ing the Cold War.

Would a Pres­i­dent Hil­lary Clin­ton and her lib­eral al­lies sus­pend the tax­ex­empt sta­tus of churches deemed “not friendly” to her ad­min­is­tra­tion? It is within the realm of pos­si­bil­ity con­sid­er­ing their hate­ful be­liefs.

Mr. Podesta boasts that “we” cre­ated the Catholics in Al­liance for the Com­mon Good. His email clearly re­veals that lib­er­als and the Clin­ton campaign are fo­cused on al­ter­ing Catholic doc­trine through po­lit­i­cal or­ga­ni­za­tions that push a lib­eral agenda.

The leaked emails show Mrs. Clin­ton’s com­mu­ni­ca­tions di­rec­tor, Jen­nifer Palmieri, di­rectly mock­ing both Catholics and Protes­tant evan­gel­i­cals. Some con­ser­va­tives are turn­ing to Catholi­cism, she wrote, be­cause “they think it is the most so­cially ac­cept­able po­lit­i­cally con­ser­va­tive re­li­gion. Their rich friends wouldn’t un­der­stand if they be­came evan­gel­i­cals.”

Such com­ments re­flect an elit­ist men­tal­ity con­temp­tu­ous of gen­uine re­li­gious con­vic­tion. It’s both dis­cour­ag­ing and in­sult­ing to mil­lions of evan­gel­i­cals and Catholics who just want to live their lives ac­cord­ing to their faith.

Has Ms. Palmieri not heard about re­li­gious lib­erty? Her com­ments con­tra­dict the very essence of the First Amend­ment, and are anti-Amer­i­can to boot. If peo­ple of faith stay silent and on the side­lines dur­ing this elec­tion cy­cle, this lib­eral the­ol­ogy will win, and tra­di­tional churches will lose.

We can­not af­ford an­other four years of lib­eral Demo­cratic rule in the White House, a White House that has fo­cused its en­ergy on forc­ing nuns to of­fer con­tra­cep­tion de­spite their re­li­gious be­liefs and forc­ing churches to de­fend law­suits on trans­gen­der rights where they are be­ing un­fairly clas­si­fied as pub­lic places. The Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion, cheered on by Mrs. Clin­ton, is the first ad­min­is­tra­tion in his­tory to sue Catholic nuns for their re­li­gious be­liefs.

In­stalling an ac­tivist lib­eral ma­jor­ity on the Supreme Court will put re­li­gious lib­er­ties at risk for gen­er­a­tions to come.

We will be left with the state telling the church how to be­have, and that is why peo­ple of faith need to stop Mrs. Clin­ton’s anti-re­li­gious agenda — now.

Mercedes Sch­lapp is a Fox News con­trib­u­tor, co-founder of Cove Strate­gies and for­mer White House di­rec­tor of spe­cialty me­dia un­der Pres­i­dent Ge­orge W. Bush.

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