The vast left-wing me­dia con­sen­sus

It’s de­priv­ing read­ers and view­ers of fas­ci­nat­ing Wik­iLeaks dis­clo­sures

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The Wik­iLeaks dis­clo­sures, com­ing now on a daily ba­sis, are such in­ter­est­ing read­ing that agents of the Clin­ton cam­paign are work­ing over­time to di­vert at­ten­tion from them, par­tic­u­larly the rev­e­la­tions in the emails of the cam­paign man­ager, John Podesta. Hil­lary in­sists that the hack­ing of his email ac­count was spon­sored, di­rected or fi­nanced by Vladimir Putin, who in this telling even rewrote them to re­flect badly on both Mr. Podesta and Hil­lary. There’s no evidence of Rus­sian con­nivance, just spec­u­la­tion.

Hil­lary char­ac­ter­izes Don­ald Trump as a swamp-dwelling wacko who, when he isn’t ha­rass­ing or talk­ing dirty about women, spins con­spir­acy the­o­ries from his imag­i­na­tion. She traces the “Obama wasn’t born here” story to Don­ald Trump, who did in fact embrace “birtherism” at the time that Sid­ney Blu­men­thal, Hil­lary’s ubiq­ui­tous hit man, was ped­dling “birtherism” to any jour­nal­ist who would lis­ten. Many did.

Mr. Blu­men­thal and his con­fed­er­ates worked fer­tile ground; the “Kenyan birth” story was the hottest tid­bit in town as the Democrats gath­ered for their con­ven­tion in Den­ver in 2008. Mr. Obama did not try very hard to squelch the ru­mor, then or for months af­ter­ward. Nor did the hum­bled rem­nants of the Clin­ton cam­paign, in­clud­ing Hil­lary her­self, dis­cour­age re­porters in pur­suit of the ru­mor. Ru­mor-mon­gers abounded in Den­ver through­out that week.

The tranche of Wik­iLeaks memos pro­vides cred­i­ble evidence that her cam­paign se­ri­ously con­sid­ered a full­court spread of the birther story, only later proved false, that Mr. Obama was in fact born in Kenya, his fa­ther’s na­tive coun­try, and not Colorado. Wik­iLeaks re­veals that in 2008 Mr. Podesta re­ceived and for­warded a num­ber of emails about a poll taken by a lead­ing Demo­cratic polling firm test­ing whether push­ing the story that Mr. Obama was for­eign-born would work for Hil­lary’s cam­paign.

Paul Be­gala, a Clin­ton loy­al­ist who has al­ways been ready to de­fend any­thing ei­ther Hil­lary or Bubba did or said, dis­missed the story of the poll, taken at the be­gin­ning of the long Clin­ton-Obama strug­gle. The Clin­ton cam­paign was fo­cused early in 2008 not on the gen­eral elec­tion, but on tak­ing down the up­start sen­a­tor from Illi­nois so he could not spoil a coronation.

Once the birther story grew legs, Hil­lary ap­peared on the CBS pro­gram, “Sixty Min­utes,” where she was asked whether Mr. Obama was born in the United States as he claimed. She replied sweetly that he was, and added, “as far as I know.” An an­swer like this was in­tended to be taken by the un­wary as “prob­a­bly not.” The an­swer was markedly sim­i­lar to some of the an­swers she gave to the FBI and oth­ers when she was ped­dling the story that she had never lied or done any­thing il­le­gal in her ex­ten­sive email cor­re­spon­dence.

Many Amer­i­cans haven’t heard about the Wik­iLeaks dis­clo­sures be­cause a part of the main­stream me­dia, so called, has de­cided there’s noth­ing to see, just move along. Don­ald Trump has called out this me­dia as part of a con­spir­acy, but it’s worse than that. It’s a vast left­wing me­dia con­sen­sus.

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