Is­rael’s ‘wildfires’ de­lib­er­ate

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Apol­o­gists claim that there are many Arabs who are against ter­ror­ism. If this were true, these anti-ter­ror Arabs would hu­mil­i­ate their ter­ror­ist broth­ers and pun­ish them. They would make the thought of ter­ror­ism anath­ema so that no one would burn or de­cap­i­tate Is­raelis or Jews. Yet the mood of most of the Arab com­mu­nity is to pun­ish Jews, not to hate ter­ror­ists. Much of the Arab world cel­e­brates the killing of Jews.

When I was a child I was told not to play with matches, re­gard­less of my in­ten­tions. But Arab ar­son­ists are ter­ror­iz­ing Is­rael with fires. These fires are not ac­ci­den­tal. They are the re­sult of Arabs play­ing with Jewish lives. They are deathly prej­u­diced. The fact that a few Arab doc­tors help wounded Jews is just clean-up af­ter a bru­tal job. They are not in­no­cent, and they are not ex­on­er­ated. Their help is a placebo.

The me­dia calls Arab burn­ing of Jews and Jewish homes “wildfires.” There is noth­ing wild about these fires. They are de­lib­er­ate, homi­ci­dal and con­science­less.

Lib­er­als, in­clud­ing lib­eral Jewish peo­ple, pro­mote the idea that Arabs are good peo­ple who are caught in a race war. But for ev­ery Arab who speaks up against mur­der­ing Jews there is one around the corner who be­lieves whole­heart­edly in the prac­tice.

Lib­eral Jews have been against Zion­ism ever since Is­rael was formed. Some would like to see Is­rael erad­i­cated. Jews suf­fered near ex­ter­mi­na­tion in World War II, and yet there are Jews who are still willing to sac­ri­fice Is­rael and see the num­ber of Jewish lives re­duced by half again.

Lib­eral Jews want to cod­dle their en­e­mies, give them so­lace and rush the rest of us into the fire. Such Jewish peo­ple are matches light­ing up a com­mu­nity.

The Arab fire­fight­ers who help are a shield for those who set the fires. There is no kind­ness in this kind of anti-Semitism.

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