Mov­ing through grief

There’s pas­sion, plun­der and pil­lage on the way to ac­cep­tance

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What­ever the elec­tion of 2016 lacked in dig­nity and gravitas, it had pas­sion in abun­dance. Few cam­paigns have brought out both the best and the worst of the fa­nat­ics of both right and left. Even the churches were not spared from par­ti­san van­dal­ism.

When some­one painted “Trump Na­tion. Whites Only” across the Epis­co­pal Church of Our Sav­ior in Sil­ver Spring, Md., a sub­urb of the na­tion’s cap­i­tal, there was the usual rush to judg­ment that this was a “hate crime” and surely the work of a Trump­kin.

All crimes are hate crimes, of course, since few crimes are acts of love, but be­cause the church is “ma­jor­ity-im­mi­grant” and the graf­fiti was scrawled on the back of a Span­ish-lan­guage ban­ner as well as on the church build­ing, the van­dal­ism was cited as “racist.”

But was it the work of friends and sup­port­ers of Don­ald Trump? No one knows, since the van­dals are still at large with their paint cans, and only they can know for sure.

Van­dal­ism is an equal-op­por­tu­nity crime, in Sil­ver Spring and else­where. Thomas Roszkowski of Sil­ver Spring re­ported that “Trump/Pence” lawn signs were stolen from his front lawn and his house egged, a swastika spray-painted across his front door and an Amer­i­can flag taken from its pride of place.

Such po­lit­i­cal van­dal­ism is oc­cur­ring all over the coun­try, the hand­i­work of vin­dic­tive men and women of small minds, and can’t be at­trib­uted to pin­heads who voted only for the Don­ald or only for Hil­lary Clin­ton. What might be true is that such pin­heads rarely get around to ac­tu­ally vot­ing them­selves.

Plun­der and pil­lage in the name of higher cit­i­zen­ship is not con­fined mostly to the right, though a vis­i­tor from Mars or Pluto who only reads the main­stream news­pa­pers or watches tele­vi­sion might think so. James O’Keefe’s Project Ver­i­tas hid­den-cam­era videos showed dur­ing the cam­paign that Robert Creamer, the hus­band of a Demo­cratic con­gress­woman, Rep. Jan Schakowski of Illi­nois, plot­ted to pay peo­ple to stir up vi­o­lence at Trump ral­lies.

A Repub­li­can cam­paign of­fice in Hills­bor­ough, N.C., was fire­bombed and an ad­ja­cent build­ing spray­painted with a swastika and the words “Nazi Repub­li­cans leave town or else.” This was prob­a­bly not the work of Trump fans, ei­ther.

A young woman of the Mus­lim per­sua­sion at the Uni­ver­sity of Louisiana at Lafayette told how she was phys­i­cally as­saulted by two white men, who hurled mean racist slurs and said they were sup­port­ers of the Don­ald. This was ea­gerly taken as fact by The Wash­ing­ton Post, The New York Times and the Huff­in­g­ton Post, but her story fell apart un­der po­lice ques­tion­ing.

A woman in Kirk­land, Wash., sim­i­larly con­ceded un­der po­lice ques­tion­ing that her story that she was sex­u­ally as­saulted was a fab­ri­ca­tion. The “vic­tim” said she made up the story be­cause she was “dis­traught over the re­cent elec­tion.”

A pas­sen­ger on a Delta Air Lines flight from At­lanta to Al­len­town, Pa., stood in the aisle to be­rate, with vul­gar and unimag­i­na­tive lan­guage, ev­ery­one who had voted for Hil­lary. Pas­sen­gers on a United Air Lines flight ar­gued with such pas­sion that the pilot asked ev­ery­one to hold their po­lit­i­cal ar­gu­ments un­til they were safely on the ground.

The moral is that things are not al­ways what they seem, and this, too, shall pass. The losers of Nov. 8 just need more time to work through their de­nial, grief, and anger to the ac­cep­tance of what hap­pened.

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