Why Trump de­serves a chance to gov­ern

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sta­tus quo. Some in power may be in­tim­i­dated by the change that the new pres­i­dent brings — but those who nor­mal. It is time to re­set pro­to­col to some­thing that will bet­ter serve the nation. We should re­de­fine what is pres­i­den­tial to take ac­count of re­sults, as in the business world. A busi­ness­man de­fines a prob­lem, finds a so­lu­tion, and acts. Yes, the pres­i­dent’s de­ci­sive style of ac­tion doesn’t al­ways fol­low pro­to­col, but it moves the ball.

So give change a chance. Con­form­ity with the past will lead only to more stag­na­tion. In­stead of crit­i­ciz­ing the busi­ness­man pres­i­dent who gets the job done, we should ap­plaud him.

Mr. Trump hasn’t been in of­fice long, but he has made the most of his time. He has with­drawn from the Trans Pa­cific Part­ner­ship, as he promised. He has ap­proved the Key­stone XL pipe­line, cre­at­ing jobs, as he promised. He has taken our coun­try out of the Paris Ac­cords, as he promised. He is beef­ing up bor­der se­cu­rity with a re­view of our im­mi­gra­tion poli­cies, as he promised — and de­spite op­po­si­tion in the lower courts, ap­pears on the way to vin­di­ca­tion be­fore the Supreme Court. He is work­ing with Congress to re­peal and re­place Oba­macare, keep­ing at it de­spite set­backs, as he promised.

Mr. Trump came un­der fire for fir­ing for­mer FBI di­rec­tor James Comey, but as pres­i­dent, he had the au­thor­ity to do it — and for a busi­ness­man pres­i­dent it was the right thing to do. In the pri­vate sec­tor, if you’re un­happy with the way some­one is acting, you fire the per­son. You don’t ask Congress. You act.

If Mr. Trump were to fol­low the prac­tices of the past, he would not have so­cial me­dia ac­counts any­more. But guess what: Twit­ter didn’t ex­ist in the past. Mr. Trump is a mod­ern pres­i­dent. So­cial me­dia is part of many ci­ti­zens’ lives, so it is a part of Pres­i­dent Trump’s life. Mr. Trump re­fuses to give up his Twit­ter ac­count, be­cause it is his di­rect link to the Amer­i­can peo­ple. Tra­di­tional me­dia doesn’t like him, be­cause tra­di­tional me­dia doesn’t work like that.

But the Trump way is work­ing. Sup­port­ers are happy that he is chal­leng­ing the way things have al­ways been done. They feel closer to the pres­i­dency than ever be­fore, be­cause this pres­i­dent doesn’t go through me­dia con­sul­tants. He says it how he sees it — un­fil­tered.

At the end of the day, if Mr. Trump’s new way of do­ing things fails, Wash­ing­ton can al­ways go back to do­ing things the way they have al­ways been done. But first we owe it to our nation’s fu­ture to give Mr. Trump a chance. Ge­or­gette Mos­bacher is a com­mis­sioner at the U.S. Ad­vi­sory Com­mis­sion on Pub­lic Diplo­macy.

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