Con­ser­va­tive women are smeared by lib­er­als

Smear­ing high-pro­file con­ser­va­tive women and mi­nori­ties de­liv­ers the lib­eral mes­sage

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - By Tammy Bruce

On Mon­day, the Democrats were re­ally ex­cited about their new slo­gan, “A Bet­ter Deal: Bet­ter Skills, Bet­ter Jobs, Bet­ter Wages.” Widely ridiculed for be­ing id­i­otic, here’s a slo­gan they could have cho­sen, which is much more hon­est about the cur­rent lib­eral agenda:

“A Bully’s Deal: If You Ever Think For Your­self and Don’t Con­form, We’ll Ruin Your Life.”

This slo­gan has been oper­a­tional for a gen­er­a­tion. It is shouted at con­ser­va­tive women, gays and other mi­nori­ties be­cause, you see, to­day’s Democrats can­not af­ford to have any­one in any of their pro­tected classes get the idea that they can think for them­selves. What would hap­pen should women come to re­al­ize con­ser­va­tives aren’t out to get them, but maybe, just maybe, ac­tu­ally have the plan to make their lives bet­ter?

The lat­est case in point: at­tempts to smear and de­grade Sarah Huck­abee San­ders. Mrs. San­ders, a per­fectly lovely woman, was in­stantly be­rated by fa­mously tol­er­ant and fem­i­nist lib­er­als as she was an­nounced as the new White House press sec­re­tary.

Writ­ing for the Daily Beast, a gay man call­ing him­self “Ira Madi­son III,” tweeted a ho­mo­pho­bic slur about Mrs. San­ders, “Butch queen first time in drags at the ball.” Lovely, no? This is sup­posed to be a clever way of in­sult­ing Mrs. San­ders by re­fer­ring to her as a man in a dress. For gays, this is clearly ho­mo­pho­bic, trans­pho­bic and misog­y­nis­tic. And yet, this from the same crowd that loves to wear duct tape over their mouths with the motto “NOH8” scrawled on it. Got it.

Last night, af­ter I ap­peared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carl­son Tonight” fol­lowed by An­thony Scara­mucci con­demn­ing the tweet, Madi­son apol­o­gized and deleted it.

But this at­tack isn’t a new one from the gay left, or from lib­er­als in gen­eral. Ann Coul­ter has also been re­ferred to as a man in drag. When I was a gay ac­tivist in the 1990s, the misog­yny in the gay com­mu­nity was pal­pa­ble. It has clearly be­come ma­lig­nant.

At­tack­ing Mrs. San­ders isn’t just the purview of one jerk on the in­ter­net. NBC’s “Satur­day Night Live” also chimed in. In one sketch, Aidy Bryant play­ing Mrs. San­ders de­clared, “My fa­ther is Mike Huck­abee. My mother is a big South­ern ham­burger.” They also had her eat­ing dur­ing the sketch.

An at­tempt at fat-sham­ing? Why not? With the ha­tred con­sum­ing the left why shouldn’t they stop the pre­tense that they’re de­cent peo­ple?

In May, the NBC com­edy show also thought it would be funny to do a skit about Kellyanne Con­way. Did they laud the fact that she is the first woman to suc­cess­fully run a pres­i­den­tial cam­paign? No. They de­cided it would be bet­ter to por­tray her as the Glenn Close char­ac­ter in “Fa­tal At­trac­tion.” As the Daily Beast put it:

“McKin­non’s Con­way tries to se­duce Beck Ben­nett’s take on CNN’s Jake Tap­per. She threat­ens to kill him with a knife un­til he agrees to let her back on TV. Mo­ments later, she falls out of a win­dow and ap­pears to die, only to pull her body parts back to­gether again. … Cast­ing Con­way as the Glenn Close char­ac­ter from ‘Fa­tal At­trac­tion’ and de­pict­ing her death in such a way was con­sid­ered sex­ist, un­fair, and even a gift to the ad­min­is­tra­tion.”

While some may want to en­gage in some aca­demic de­bate about com­edy or the rel­e­vance of “Satur­day Night Live,” the real fact of the mat­ter is this: The gob­s­mack­ing hypocrisy of lib­er­als and fem­i­nists who strut around still claim­ing to rep­re­sent women, gays and mi­nori­ties while be­ing their worst enemy, has been ex­posed for all to see.

This isn’t about jokes gone wrong, or a mis­take made that of­fended one group or an­other. This is a strat­egy meant to send a mes­sage to ev­ery­one who might dare to stray from lib­eral or­tho­doxy: If you do so, we will work to hu­mil­i­ate and de­stroy you.

Enough is enough. When you lie to your base, take them for granted and ruin their lives, there is an im­me­di­ate im­pact on the de­sire of your vot­ers to come back out and vote for you. Es­pe­cially if you be­gin to threaten them by proxy.

A new study by Celinda Lake, a Demo­cratic poll­ster and re­searcher, found that 40 mil­lion fewer peo­ple will vote in 2018 than did so in 2016. The Hill re­ports:

“The study … found that among the 40 mil­lion Amer­i­cans ex­pected not to vote in 2018, nearly two-thirds are con­sid­ered part of the ‘Ris­ing Amer­i­can Elec­torate’ — a block con­sist­ing of mil­len­ni­als, un­mar­ried women and peo­ple of color, who ac­count for more than half of the coun­try’s el­i­gi­ble vot­ers.”

In other words, it’s the lib­eral base that will be stay­ing home. Big league. Even some “moderate” Repub­li­cans have been ex­pect­ing “moderate” Democrats to carry them through in 2018, but with a rev­e­la­tion like this, that’s not some­thing they should count on.

What are lib­er­als to do? You’ve got to keep those who are left in the pro­gram. Like a cult, any­one who dares to not pay al­le­giance to the lib­eral nar­ra­tive will be at­tacked. Smear­ing high-pro­file con­ser­va­tive women, gays and peo­ple of color is meant to send a mes­sage to ev­ery­one else: con­form or else. Doesn’t sound like a “Bet­ter Deal” at all, does it?

The gob­s­mack­ing hypocrisy of lib­er­als and fem­i­nists who strut around still claim­ing to rep­re­sent women, gays and mi­nori­ties while be­ing their worst enemy, has been ex­posed for all to see.

Tammy Bruce, au­thor and Fox News con­trib­u­tor, is a ra­dio talk show host.

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