Re­write DACA

The Washington Times Weekly - - Letters To The Editor - TOM TYSCHPER Gil­bert, Ari­zona

Even un­der ideal cir­cum­stances, rais­ing chil­dren is a dif­fi­cult task. But mil­lions of fam­i­lies gladly ac­cept the task of bring­ing chil­dren into our world, do­ing their best to give them a good up­bring­ing. To me, that is where De­ferred Ac­tion for Child­hood Ar­rivals (DACA) has failed.

We now have an es­ti­mated 800,000 chil­dren that have been pro­vided tem­po­rary im­mi­gra­tion pro­tec­tion for their par­ents’ (or who­ever is re­spon­si­ble) il­le­gal ac­tions.

Th­ese chil­dren, re­gard­less of the emo­tional sto­ries that may ac­com­pany many of them, have all been raised in an en­vi­ron­ment that says it’s OK to break the law. Their par­ents did not do the right thing, and they have now passed their re­spon­si­bil­ity on to “We the Peo­ple.”

I’d like to see DACA rewrit­ten by a con­gres­sional law that re­quires the par­ents to come for­ward, ad­mit their wrong­do­ing, pay some fine (prob­a­bly based on length of time in the coun­try) and be­come sub­ject to im­mi­gra­tion law them­selves.

Many may view this as too harsh. I view it as a les­son to the il­le­gals’ kids that liv­ing in this coun­try re­quires abid­ing by the law. This is a valu­able les­son that I would hope we would want any res­i­dent (le­gal or not) to un­der­stand.

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