The vi­o­lence next time

Vi­o­lent tac­tics by far-left ter­ror­ist groups have elicited sup­port from the main­stream left

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - By Stephen Moore

Does ha­tred and vi­o­lence re­side only on the far right, as the me­dia seems to be spin­ning things? Con­sider this re­cent per­sonal anec­dote. Late last year I was at­tend­ing a board din­ner for the group ALEC in Pitts­burgh. ALEC rep­re­sents con­ser­va­tive state leg­is­la­tors around the coun­try. The left hates ALEC be­cause it pro­mote con­ser­va­tive re­forms to state gov­ern­ment and chal­lenges the pub­lic sec­tor unions.

In the mid­dle of our meal we were jolted by shout­ing, shriek­ing and bang­ing. Shortly there­after about 25 left-wing ac­tivists pushed past a se­cu­rity guard and stormed into the room. I don’t know if they were or­ga­nized by unions or, or Black Lives Mat­ter, or even more rad­i­cal groups like An­tifa.

They were mostly young, an­gry, and thug­gish. They be­gan throw­ing things at us, swear­ing, and chant­ing mantras like “ALEC is worse than Trump,” and “fight for 15” (the min­i­mum wage they want). They sur­rounded us in a men­ac­ing and in­tim­i­dat­ing way.

Thank­fully the se­cu­rity re­in­force­ments fi­nally showed up, but when they tried to es­cort th­ese protesters from our pri­vate din­ner, they be­came in­dig­nant and started kick­ing and shov­ing, while hiss­ing things like: “Get away from me you bleep­ing fas­cist.”

Dur­ing the cam­paign sea­son, I at­tended many Trump ral­lies across the coun­try. It wasn’t un­com­mon for fights and brawls to break out when protesters showed up. In most, but not all cases there are nut cases on both sides — the left in­sti­gated the vi­o­lence. I saw it with my own two eyes.

Now in the wake of Char­lottesville, the me­dia and the left are pre­pos­ter­ously not just ac­cus­ing the nitwit white su­prem­a­cists, but are la­bel­ing Pres­i­dent Trump, con­ser­va­tives, and Trump sup­port­ers racists and big­ots. If you don’t re­nounce any as­so­ci­a­tion with or sup­port for, Mr. Trump, you too are morally in­fe­rior.

The truth fi­nally comes out: the left re­ally does be­lieve that Trump vot­ers are “de­plorable” peo­ple.

Iron­i­cally, many of th­ese same me­dia mavens are the peo­ple who have spent the last decade be­moan­ing the degra­da­tion of po­lit­i­cal dis­course.

If your po­lit­i­cal ad­ver­sary who dis­agrees with you on tax cuts, Con­fed­er­ate stat­ues, the min­i­mum wage, is not just wrong, but a Nazisym­pa­thizer or white su­prem­a­cist, then you can jus­tify shut­ting them up or shut­ting them down through in­tim­i­da­tion and vi­o­lence.

Al­ready left-wing pub­li­ca­tions like the Na­tion, who say are for “peace,” are not con­demn­ing vi­o­lent acts by lib­eral protesters, but ex­cus­ing them as a “prac­ti­cal” re­sponse to Trump­ism.

Peter Beinart wrote re­cently a bril­liant but fright­en­ing ar­ti­cle in the At­lantic ti­tled “The Rise of the Vi­o­lent Left,” which chron­i­cles the in­creas­ing mil­i­tant ac­tions and rhetoric of far-left ter­ror­ist groups like An­tifa — a group that was in Char­lottesville and San Fran­cisco. He warns that not only is their po­lit­i­cal clout grow­ing but their “vi­o­lent tac­tics have elicited sub­stan­tial sup­port from the main­stream left.” Why?

As Mr. Beinart puts it: “If you be­lieve the pres­i­dent of the United States is lead­ing a racist, fas­cist move­ment that threat­ens the rights, if not the lives, of vul­ner­a­ble mi­nori­ties, how far are you will­ing to go to stop it?” Maybe the press should ask that ques­tion of the man who was mauled and pum­melled by th­ese left-wing ag­i­ta­tors in San Fran­cisco this week­end?

All of this, I fear, will be man­i­fested in the months ahead in some very un­healthy and dan­ger­ous devel­op­ments. Here are my pre­dic­tions:

The shame­ful war on free speech on col­lege cam­puses will in­ten­sify. Those on the right will be shut down — and this will be ra­tio­nal­ized be­cause con­ser­va­tives are racists and those on the left are right­eous. The clos­ing of the Amer­i­can mind will get worse.

We will see more mil­i­tancy from groups like Black Lives Mat­ter and An­tifa, who have been em­bold­ened by the me­dia. Th­ese groups will be­come in­creas­ingly ag­gres­sive in their po­lit­i­cal tac­tics. In­tim­i­da­tion will be put on dis­play. Peo­ple who wear a Trump T-shirt, have a Trump bumper sticker or dare don a red Make Amer­ica Great Again hat are go­ing to get hu­mil­i­ated or beat up — or worse. (So much for the left be­ing against bul­ly­ing.)

Next, the de­mands from the griev­ance lobby on the left will grow in­creas­ingly ridicu­lous and out­landish. Will tak­ing every statue of every Con­fed­er­ate in Amer­ica sat­isfy the left? Of course not.

I’m pre­dict­ing that the left’s lu­natic in­sis­tence on “repa­ra­tion pay­ments” for slav­ery come back full force.

All of Amer­ica — not just col­lege cam­puses, news rooms, and the pub­lic square — will be de­clared “safe spa­ces” so that lib­er­als are granted a de facto con­sti­tu­tional right never to be of­fended by a view­point that is con­trary to their own.

Don’t be sur­prised if we see rou­tine acts of vi­o­lence and may­hem and shoot­ings that will make the 1960s ri­ots look like a pic­nic. The coun­try will be ripped apart. The me­dia will then throw up their hands and hyp­o­crit­i­cally say: “Gee who­ever thought some­one would ac­tu­ally shoot a con­gress­man?”. The other day on CNN I noted that Robert E. Lee was revered by many South­ern­ers and that tak­ing down stat­ues of him was a bad idea. I was in­un­dated with hate mail and even threats of phys­i­cal in­jury.

It’s ugly and dan­ger­ous out there. For decades the left has preached the need for tol­er­ance, but th­ese are the peo­ple who want to use their own force or the force of the state to si­lence any voice that dis­rupts their world­view.

The shame of all this is that if lib­er­als had sim­ply ig­nored the wacko white su­prem­a­cists who gath­ered in Char­lottesville, and who rep­re­sent per­haps 0.01 per­cent of the con­ser­va­tive move­ment, their flame of ha­tred would have burned out quickly and qui­etly.

That’s the last thing the left wanted. They gave the wackos on the right a me­dia plat­form, so that mil­i­tants on the left would have their own soap box and TV cam­era spot­light.

So just who is spread­ing a mes­sage of hate in Amer­ica? Stephen Moore is an eco­nomic con­sul­tant at Free­dom Works and a CNN con­trib­u­tor.

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