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Broad­cast­ers have a very lim­ited lex­i­con when it comes to de­scrib­ing Pres­i­dent Trump, ac­cord­ing to a nine-month study of the ex­act words used in ma­jor broad­cast cov­er­age. Mr. Trump is pri­mar­ily de­scribed as an­gry, fum­ing and out­raged — and it’s a cal­cu­lated strat­egy.

“TV news re­porters have sat­u­rated the air­waves with sub­jec­tive lan­guage about the Pres­i­dent’s emo­tional state, most of it cast­ing him as an out-of-con­trol hot­head,” wrote Rich Noyes and Bill D’Agostino, both se­nior an­a­lysts for News­, a con­ser­va­tive press watch­dog.

They looked at every sin­gle evening-news story on the broad­cast net­works about the pres­i­dent from Jan. 1 through Sept. 10, then tal­lied the num­ber of times these bom­bas­tic terms were used.

“Broad­cast jour­nal­ists were most likely to de­scribe the Pres­i­dent as an­gry, of­ten us­ing highly-charged words to paint him as un­hinged or out-of-con­trol,” the an­a­lysts said. “View­ers heard Trump var­i­ously de­scribed as ‘fu­ri­ous’ (17 times), ‘fum­ing’ (14), ‘out­raged’ (8), ‘vent­ing’ (5), ‘in­fu­ri­ated’ (5), ‘livid’ (3), ‘en­raged’ (3), ‘seething’ (2), or just plain-old ‘an­gry’ (23).

“When Trump com­mu­ni­cated, he was said to be ‘lash­ing out’ (53), on a ‘tirade’ (8), ‘blast­ing’ (5), or ‘erupt­ing’ (3),” they wrote. “The Pres­i­dent was also ‘on the warpath,’ ‘vol­canic,’ ‘unglued,’ ‘spoil­ing for a fight’ and even ‘went bal­lis­tic,’ ac­cord­ing to re­porters at var­i­ous times this year.”

In all, Mr. Trump was de­scribed as an­gry in one form or an­other 185 times so this year. Broad­cast re­ports also used terms to in­di­cate Mr. Trump was frus­trated or dis­mayed 30 times. He was also said to be “wor­ried,” “anx­ious,” “shaken” or “afraid” 14 times.

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