D.C. swamp still reel­ing from Hur­ri­cane Don­ald

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY CHARLES HURT

Pres­i­dent Trump, it has been re­ported in all se­ri­ous­ness, is a hate­ful, racist con­spir­acy the­o­rist hell­bent on ridi­cul­ing the deaths of some 3,000 Puerto Ri­cans re­port­edly killed by the dou­ble hur­ri­canes that blasted the is­land ter­ri­tory last year.

Only a mon­ster like Don­ald Trump would dare politi­cize the weather. Or turn every nat­u­ral dis­as­ter into a po­lit­i­cal cud­gel in this man­ner.

Oh, wait! Don­ald Trump did not do that.

Democrats in Wash­ing­ton did that. Crazy News Net­work did that. The New York Slimes did that. The Wash­ing­ton Com­post did that.

For years, left­ist hacks in the Demo­crat Party and con­spir­acy loons in the me­dia dreamed of cob­bling to­gether a never-end­ing, self-gen­er­at­ing po­lit­i­cal smear ma­chine that would au­to­mat­i­cally fight to de­stroy their en­e­mies with re­lent­less aban­don.

Im­pos­si­ble! No such thing could be in­vented! Even if such a thing did ex­ist, only a truly soul­less, dis­hon­est and evil sor­cerer of pol­i­tics would un­leash such a di­a­bolic ge­nie.

Then Hur­ri­cane Ka­t­rina hit in 2005, a year af­ter Pres­i­dent Ge­orge W. Bush blind­sided all the me­dia and the en­tire po­lit­i­cal world by win­ning re-elec­tion over their stren­u­ous ob­jec­tions.

All bets were off. The froth­ing jack­als be­gan yip­ping. They cir­cled. Went in for the kill.

Within a cou­ple of days of Hur­ri­cane Ka­t­rina, it was all Mr. Bush’s fault. He may have even per­son­ally det­o­nated bombs to blow up the lev­ees in New Or­leans.

Ever since, the weather has been all about pol­i­tics. Every time there is a hur­ri­cane, it is blamed on the near­est Re­pub­li­can. If a Re­pub­li­can is in the White House, then the “act of na­ture” is blamed on him — along with every ca­su­alty re­sult­ing from it.

If Barack Obama is in the White House for a hur­ri­cane — or a mas­sive oil leak in the Gulf or any­thing else that would de­stroy a mor­tal politi­cian — then it be­comes a photo op­por­tu­nity dur­ing which Mr. Obama can blame Repub­li­cans for all man­ner of atroc­i­ties, but mainly racial in­equal­ity and di­vi­sive­ness.

One of the many won­der­ful and spec­tac­u­lar things about the Trump pres­i­dency is how the mere ex­is­tence of Mr. Trump in the White House causes his most ra­bid en­e­mies to re­flex­ively re­veal them­selves. They be­come their truest, most dis­gust­ing selves.

So, when Hur­ri­cane Florence be­gan gath­er­ing in the At­lantic Ocean, the press dis­patched an army of re­porter­sturned-ac­tivists to the Caroli­nas so they could blame the storm on Mr. Trump, against a dra­matic back­drop of stag­ger­ing winds and fe­ro­cious storm wa­ters.

Nor­mally they wait un­til the first per­son doesn’t get a bot­tled wa­ter to blame the pres­i­dent. Not this time. Florence had not even reached the beach when The Wash­ing­ton Com­post de­clared Mr. Trump “com­plicit” in the for­ma­tion of the storm. (Re­ally, I am not mak­ing this up. It was an ed­i­to­rial stat­ing the pa­per’s of­fi­cial po­si­tion.)

In ad­di­tion to blam­ing Mr. Trump for the wicked winds of Hur­ri­cane Florence, The Com­post also — even more bizarrely — blamed him for “slow­ing the wind cur­rents that guide hur­ri­canes, mak­ing storms more slug­gish and, there­fore, apt to linger longer over dis­as­ter zones.”

See, that way they can blame Mr. Trump for not only the hur­ri­cane but also the flood­ing and loot­ing and ev­ery­thing that goes with a storm of this mag­ni­tude.

My ques­tion is this: Since Hur­ri­cane Florence is Mr. Trump’s fault, does that mean he gets credit when it down­graded from a Cat­e­gory 3 storm to a Cat­e­gory 2? And then from a Cat­e­gory 2 storm to a Cat­e­gory 1 and, fi­nally, to a trop­i­cal de­pres­sion?

I wouldn’t bet on it. Con­tact Charles Hurt at churt@wash­ing­ton­times.com or on Twit­ter @charleshurt.

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