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“The 2018 vote ad­min­is­tered enough Demo­cratic dis­ap­point­ment to check the party’s most self-de­struc­tive ten­den­cies. If Beto O’Rourke had eked it out in Texas, Democrats might well have nom­i­nated him for pres­i­dent in 2020, al­most guar­an­tee­ing a de­ba­cle. There is no pro­gres­sive ma­jor­ity in Amer­ica. There is no pro­gres­sive plu­ral­ity in Amer­ica. And there cer­tainly is no pro­gres­sive Elec­toral Col­lege coali­tion in Amer­ica. It may not be right that the mid­dle of the coun­try ex­erts rad­i­cally more po­lit­i­cal weight than the coasts, or that white votes typ­i­cally count for more than non­white votes. Right or not, those things are true, and as long as they re­main true, po­lit­i­cal re­al­ists must reckon with them. The strug­gle for lib­eral democ­racy is too real and too dan­ger­ous for hearts undi­rected by heads.” David Frum in TheAt­

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