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If you live in Bella Vista you know of “The House.”

Ev­ery neigh­bor­hood has them. They are an em­bar­rass­ment

ev­ery time you drive by. You hope that friends and fam­ily will not no­tice it when they come to visit. Lately, they seem to be get­ting more preva­lent in Bell Vista. They are the neigh­bor­hood “House from Hell.”

You know the one I’m talk­ing about, maybe it’s next door, maybe in the next block, maybe across the street. All of us in Bella Vista have them.

The house with the lawn so high it could hide a gi­raffe. Shrub­bery so un­kempt and over­grown, Jack In The Bean Stock would be proud. So much junk lay­ing around that Amer­i­can Pick­ers keep stop­ping by. Eave troughs and down­spouts fall­ing off. So much de­bris and leaves in the gut­ter ditch that all the ar­madil­los and wood­chucks in

the neigh­bor­hood call it home.

Go ahead com­plain to the POA, I have but it does no good; noth­ing changes. Oh sure, they will come out and talk to the res­i­dents, but they never fol­low up to en­sure that the prob­lem is cor­rected and does not hap­pen again, just as the POA Code En­force­ment of­fers.

The POA should be out here in the neigh­bor­hoods en­forc­ing code vi­o­la­tions, just like I de­scribed, and pro­tect­ing our prop­erty val­ues. That is part of what we pay our mem­ber­ship dues for.

Now they want to raise our POA as­sess­ment dues and for what? so they can do more of what they don’t do but at a higher cost?

I for one vote a re­sound­ing “NO” to any as­sess­ment in­crease.

Mike Kane

Bella Vista

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