Time to amend POA con­sti­tu­tion?

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In two short years our elected POA board mem­bers agreed to re­duce (spend/al­lo­cate) in ex­cess of two thirds of the then ex­ist­ing re­serves. While I do not know Mr. Jud­son, nor his ed­u­ca­tion or back­ground, I place no di­rect blame on him for this spend­ing spree. He only did what our elected board mem­bers al­lowed him to do. What adds in­sult to pos­si­ble fu­ture in­jury is our once again elected board want­ing to bor­row money to build a new com­mu­nity cen­ter, and fur­ther pledg­ing a fu­ture in­crease in POA dues as se­cu­rity for this loan. Let me be very clear on this mat­ter. Were I to be more lit­er­ate, I be­lieve, WE, the POA mem­bers, could be held li­able as in­di­vid­u­als should any de­fault on said loan oc­cur. This could mean liens be­ing placed on our prop­er­ties whether we are res­i­dents or sim­ply lot own­ers. Thank you elected board mem­bers

for look­ing to pre­serve the fi­nan­cial sta­bil­ity of the POA. Per­haps it is time for an amend­ment to the POA “con­sti­tu­tion” to re­quire a per­cent­age of funds be al­lo­cated to an emer­gency re­serve ac­count to pro­tect the mem­bers from fu­ture fi­nan­cial li­a­bil­ity.

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