Mys­te­ri­ous forces plague tele­vised meet­ings

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To the ed­i­tor:

The TV shenani­gans con­tinue in Abing­ton. Since they first be­gan film­ing, “mys­te­ri­ous forces” have caused black-outs, brown-outs, blue-outs, sound drop-outs, feed­back noises and … yes … we have even filmed com­mis­sion­ers cough­ing into the mics and bang­ing their pa­pers against the mics to drown out the speak­ers. It’s like the high school bul­lies were given the keys to a brand new locker room and they can’t wait for the next prank.

In the two most re­cent ad­ven­tures, the Wawa hear­ing and the com­mit­tee meet­ing chaired by Com­mis­sioner Zap­pone, we saw the same shenani­gans. Af­ter im­prop­erly gavel­ing a meet­ing to a close be­fore ask­ing for fi­nal pub­lic com­ments, Zap­pone first al­lowed one speaker who protested, then de­nied the sec­ond. That seg­ment was edited out so that Zap­pone’s ac­tions could not be seen. They were out­ra­geous.

With the town­ship-wide Wawa de­ba­cle we again saw the typ­i­cal black­out. First, just a few min­utes aired be­fore the black­out. For any­one not yet prop­erly dis­cour- aged who might ac­tu­ally try it again, it ran a bit longer the sec­ond time and then went to black screen. By then most peo­ple would just con­sider it “broke.” It works like a charm. In this case many were poised to view the meet­ing be­cause of the ruckus cre­ated when a res­i­dent who dared to speak was re­moved by Chair­woman Carol Digoseph for speak­ing briefly past his al­lot­ted time (de­spite the de­vel­oper hav­ing been given hours, and de­spite a his­tory by Com­mis­sioner Digoseph of al­low­ing res­i­dents or oth­ers, in­clud­ing those out­side the town­ship, who are fa­vored to speak past the three-minute mark). So in Abing­ton the beat goes on.

You ac­tu­ally do have a voice in this. You are en­cour­aged to vote out the in­cum­bents that keep this sys­tem in place, and that keep th­ese peo­ple and tac­tics in a po­si­tion of author­ity over your lives. If you be­gin to use your vote at the bal­lot box, they will start to hear you. You won’t just help your­self, you’ll help us all. Lora Lehmann Meadowbrook

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