Lions up­set Jenk­in­town in BAL semis

The Willow Grove Guide - - OPINION - By Nick Iuele


com ,W ZDV evLGenW IrRP WKe open­ing tip-off that Lower Moreland came to play. It ZDV D quLeW FRn­fiGenFe DnG D fierFe ORRN Ln WKeLr eyeV GurLnJ ZDrPuSV WKDW JDve LW DZDy. TKey GLGn’W FDre LI they were play­ing at Jenk­in­town’s gym, their gym or the moon, they were go­ing to the Bi­cen­ten­nial League finDO. TKey KDG WR VZeDW RuW WKe finDO eLJKW PLnuWeV, EuW they got what they came for.

“All I know is that we wanted to beat this team really badly,” Lower Moreland guard Lau­ren Kil­lion said. “We wanted to keep our sea­son go­ing and we knew we had to come out fast. We needed to take it to them right away and that’s what we did.”

Lower Moreland de­feated top-seeded Jenk­in­town 3331 in a game that was not as close as the score­board VKRZV. TKe LDGy LLRnV, OeG Ey .LOOLRn’V 10 SRLnWV, dom­i­nated the sec­ond quar­ter and held it in the third. Although the Lady Drakes PDGe D fierFe FRPeEDFN Ln the fourth, fate was kind to Lower Moreland.

“It was a good win for us,” Lower Moreland coach Rick Becker said. “Last time we played them, we were flDW DnG WKLV WLPe WKe rROeV Zere reverVeG. TKLV ZDV WKe matchup they wanted and they came to play.”

TKe LDGy LLRnV FDPe RuW Ln WKe firVW KDOI ZLWK Dn DJJreV­sion on both sides of the ball that Jenk­in­town seemed to not Ee exSeFWLnJ. TKey SreVVeG KDrG Rn GeIenVe DnG PRveG WKe EDOO ZeOO Rn RIIenVe, GrLv­ing to the paint al­most at will. Any time a Lower Moreland SODyer ZDV GrLvLnJ WKe ODne, some­one was open ready for the kick-out to drain the jumper. Jenk­in­town’s Emma Dor­shimer got her cus­tom­ary dou­ble-dig­its, drop­ping 16, but it wasn’t enough to hold up the Lady Drakes this time. Although it was a one-point JDPe Ln IDvRr RI LRZer MRreODnG DIWer WKe firVW, D 13-7 sec­ond put them eight points up at half­time.

It was not just that the Lady Lions were play­ing well, but they also had the clutch gene. Any time Jenk­in­town tried to crawl back into the game in the mid­dle quar­ters, a big WKree Rr ODyuS ZRuOG KLW, VWDv­ing off the Lady Drakes for just a bit longer.

Jenk­in­town seemed to lack an edge and fo­cus that WKey uVuDOOy KDve. HRZever, the fourth quar­ter was moment of truth for a hope­ful Lower Moreland side.

“We wanted to shut down their of­fense and make them waste time,” Kil­lion said. “TKLV JDPe ZDV DERuW Rur de­fense. It means a lot to be Ln WKe finDO. , KeDrG SODyLnJ DW HROy FDPLOy LV D JreDW exSerLence. I can’t wait. Our whole team is pumped to play.”

,W’V never eDVy WR ZLn DW -enNLnWRZn. TKey DOZDyV KDve D good crowd and the stu­dent VeFWLRn LV DOZDyV ORuG. Even though Lower Moreland had a nine-point lead head­ing into WKe finDO SerLRG, nR OeDG LV safe when play­ing the Lady Drakes at home.

Jenk­in­town only al­lowed two points, scored by Brid­get Alexan­der, in the fourth but it turned out that was all the Lady Lions needed. De­spite the fact that Jenk­in­town RSeneG WKe SerLRG ZLWK D 6-0 run and that they had two pos­ses­sions at the end of the game to knot things up at 3333, it was not in the cards and LRZer MRreODnG VurvLveG IRr D PuFK-GeVerveG ZLn DnG D SODFe Ln WKe WRur­ney finDO against Delco Chris­tian.

“We’ve Eeen Ln D FRuSOe of th­ese kinds of games this sea­son, but not in this kind of en­vLrRnPenW,” BeFNer VDLG. “GRLnJ IRrZDrG, Ze KDve Delco, but it was great to get this ex­pe­ri­ence be­fore that game be­cause it will prob­a­bly Ee D VLPLODr en­vLrRnPenW.”

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