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To the Edi­tor:

I am ap­palled, dis­gusted and sad­dened that my home­town, Jenk­in­town, has a Pets Plus store that will be sell­ing pup­pies and dogs. Who­ever ap­proved this store must be liv­ing in a cave. Aren’t you aware that we are so close to the puppy mill fac­tory of the world in Lan­caster, as well as the puppy mills in the South?

Al­most all pup­pies sold in a pet store are from puppy mills, and now Jenk­in­town Bor­ough is go­ing to sup­port puppy mills.

Puppy mills are large-scale com­mer­cial breed­ing op­er­a­tions where many of the an­i­mals are in over­crowded wire cages in the dark, and WKHy OLYH Ln fiOWKy FRnGLWLRnV, with cages stacked on top of each other and poor ven­ti­la­tion sheds where they are ex­posed to un­safe weather con­di­tions. Keep this in mind be­cause many of them ar­rive to the stores sick. You will be spend­ing hun­dreds of dollars at the ve­teri­nary RI­fiFH IRU Dn RYHUSULFHG VLFN puppy.

Don’t be fooled when the sales per­son tells you that the puppy is a “pure­bred,” and it comes with “pa­pers.” You may be pay­ing more for a puppy mill puppy than what a real re­spon­si­ble breeder may even sell you. You need to know the ge­net­ics, struc­ture and tem­per­a­ment of the par­ents. Re­spon­si­ble and re­spectable breeders do not sell their pup­pies to pet stores!

There are hun­dreds of pup­pies and dogs that need to be adopted. Delaware Val­ley Golden Re­triever Res­cue is a re­spectable res­cue group if you are look­ing for a golden re­triever. There are also a nuPEHU RI VSHFL­fiF EUHHG res­cues too. Let’s not for­get about the SPCA which also has pup­pies and dogs that need homes.

In June of 2013, the SPCA launched a new pro­gram called “No Pet Store Pup­pies” on its web­site. Pet store sales­peo­ple will tell you that the puppy is from a USDAli­censed breeder. Go to the SPCA NoPetS­torePup­pies. com and see for your­self what USDA-li­censed re­ally means. Let the buyer be­ware if you are buy­ing a pet store puppy.

I am ask­ing my fel­low Jenk­in­tow­n­i­ans and oth­ers to say “no” to this store. Please do not even buy food or other items be­cause you will then be sup­port­ing puppy mills.

We can make a dif­fer­ence — Ey finDnFLDOOy PDNH LW GLI­fiFuOW IRU WKHP — DnG nRW EH part of the prob­lem of puppy mills. Adri­enne T. Kelly


To the Edi­tor:

Video sur­veil­lance causes con­cern

At the re­cent Abing­ton Board of Com­mis­sion­ers meet­ing, $10,000 was ap­proved for the li­brary’s video sur­veil­lance. Be­sides the fact that bud­get talks are just around the cor­ner and that this should have come from a reg­u­larly ap­proved bud­get — rather than from the con­tin­gency fund, which will KDYH WKH HIIHFW RI Ln­flDWLnJ the li­brary’s al­ready more than over gen­er­ous bud­get — there are other is­sues.

It is not en­tirely clear, for in­stance, who ex­actly will run the sur­veil­lance, whether it might be sent “re­mote” (where it could be in­ter­cepted), and what ex­actly is and LVn’W DEOH WR EH fiOPHG, HWF. ,I we think our in­ter­ests are be­ing safe­guarded, we should prob­a­bly think again. For ex­am­ple, a thou­sand cars were stopped re­cently for no rea­son, there has been tap­ping and ar­chiv­ing of phone calls DnG SRVW RI­fiFH VuUYHLOODnFH that al­lows for records of who you’re in con­tact with. In ad­di­tion, there’s phone com­pany and In­ter­net meta­data, red light cam­eras, smart me­ters, RFID de­vices in trash cans and sur­veil­lance that comes from us­ing com­puter mics as a lis­ten­ing de­vices.

Where are the laws that pro­vide for our pro­tec­tion? Oops — they’re nearly nonex­is­tent be­cause they are be­ing made by the 1 per­cent that we hear so much about. This month New York City is ac­tu­ally ex­pos­ing its res­i­dents to toxic gasses un­der the guise of need­ing to study the pat­tern of gas dis­per­sion “in case of” ter­ror­ist at­tack. I think it is pretty clear that tons of data on gas dis­per­sion ex­ists with­out the need for such a mea­sure, but who will stop them? Not us, ap­par­ently. Lora Lehmann


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