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In re­cent years, I have put in some time think­ing about be­ing a trend­set­ter. That’s why I de­cided to start some­thing called “Dads Singing Loudly on the Beach,” on our re­cent va­ca­tion down the shore, and it is my hope that other dads will fol­low and we’ll have our­selves a lit­tle old dad trend started.

(Edi­tor’s note: Ac­cord­ing to Mike, only three other dads are needed to start a new trend at the beach. kom­i­na­tions are now be­ing ac­cepted.)

It’s not like dads haven’t been trend­set­ters in the past. They have been re­spon­si­ble for some of the most mem­o­rable trends in his­tory, like the “Dads Comb­ing lver the Bald Spot” trend — which is gen­er­a­tions old — and the “Dads Wear­ing Hawai­ian Shirts Every­where, Even to Church” trend, which may have been started by Jimmy Buffet in the early 1970s, al­though cred­i­ble in­for­ma­tion on that is GLI­fiFuOW WR vHULIy.

So on va­ca­tion this year, I started think­ing about what new trend I could start that would catch on. This is what I do when we’re down the shore be­cause I am mar­ried to a beach bum­mette. But I can only sit there get­ting sand in my shorts for a few days and then I get bored, which leads to try­ing to think up stupid things to oc­cupy and en­ter­tain my­self.

0y fiUVW LGHD wDV WUy­ing to or­ga­nize a “Dads With White ceet Wear­ing San­dals” trend. By this time of year, I am well into my out­door ex­er­cise reg­i­men, and my at­tire in­cludes shorts and an­kle socks. Well, that com­bi­na­tion gives me some sun on my legs but not on my feet and since I tan pretty well, I end up with brown legs and white feet.

By the time I get down the shore on va­ca­tion and want to break out the san­dals, I’ve got whiter feet than Casper the criendly dhost.

It’s a pretty stupid look, even for dads, which by my way of think­ing makes it a per­fect premise for start­ing a trend.

8nIRUWunDWHOy, , FRuOGn’W fiJuUH out how to ap­proach any other dads on va­ca­tion to talk about feet with­out tip­ping off their wives, so I had to scratch the “Dads With White ceet Wear­ing San­dals” trend idea.

I know, not a very forwardthinking plan on my part.

kow one thing I do en­joy while loung­ing on the beach is lis­ten­ing to mu­sic on my tran­sis­tor ra­dio with my head­phones in be­cause there’s a great ra­dio sta­tion down the shore — KllL 98.3, South Jersey’s dreat­est Hits — that plays my kind of ‘60s and ‘70s mu­sic. I can doze off and lis­ten to clas­sic tunes from my era.

And while doz­ing and slightly head-bop­ping, some­times I sing along to my­self. Which is what was hap­pen­ing dur­ing a beach ex­cur­sion last week when the song “Danc­ing in the Moon­light” (1973) by the band King Har­vest came on the ra­dio.

It was at that mo­ment that I de­cided to start the “Dads Singing Loudly at the Beach” trend. “Danc­ing in the moon­light, ev­ery­body’s feel­ing warm and bright. ,W’s suFh D finH Dnd nDWuUDl sLghW, ev­ery­body’s danc­ing in the moon­light.”

Since I had my head­phones in, I had no idea how loudly I was singing. But from the looks of hor­ror and em­bar­rass­ment from The Blonde Ac­coun­tant and the rest of my fam­ily — not to men­tion that ev­ery­one within 25 yards in all di­rec­tions was look­ing at me — I was pro­vid­ing our sec­tion of the beach with a re­sound­ing and truly dad-aw­ful ren­di­tion of “Danc­ing of the Moon­light.”

Beau­ti­mous. And a new beach trend was born: “Dads Singing Loudly at the Beach.”

Hey, there are just some songs that need to be sung badly out loud and in pub­lic. Why not just make that a “thing” that dads do?

Just to make sure that the new trend con­tin­ued to gain steam, the next day I popped in my head­phones and tuned in to KllL 98.3 once again, wait­ing for the ap­pro­pri­ate song with which to sing along. And I didn’t have to wait long, courtesy of “Take it Easy” by the Ea­gles. “Well, I’m stand­ing on a cor­ner in Winslow, Arizona Dnd suFh D finH sLghW Wo sHH. ,W’s D gLUl, my LoUd, Ln D flDWbHd Ford

slowin’ down to take a look at me. Come on baby, don’t say maybe, I gotta know if your sweet love is go­ing to save me.”

AODV, DV FRn­fiGHnW DV , wDV that “Dads Singing Loudly on the Beach” had real po­ten­tial to be­come a new trend, it did not FDWFK fiUH OLNH , KDG KRSHG. :KDW did catch on pretty quickly was the “Dads on The Beach det­ting Shushed by Blonde Ac­coun­tants” trend. I didn’t even have much of a chance to get three other dads in­vROvHG WR PDNH LW Dn RI­fiFLDO WUHnG, al­though I did catch three other dads’ worth of heck for my ef­forts.

duess I’ll just fall back in line with the comb overs and Hawai­ian shirts trends. And I still have hope for that white feet and san­dals thing.

Mike Morsch is ex­ec­u­tive edi­tor of Mont­gomery Me­dia and author of the book, “Danc­ing in My Un­der­wear: The Sound­track of My Life.” He can be reached by call­ing 215-542-0200, ext. 415 or by email at msquared35@ya­hoo.com. This col­umn can also be found at www.mont­gomerynews.com.

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