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Ac­cord­ing to fur­ni­ture maker Bob Erick­son, you want to test-drive your rock­ing chair; sit in a few, and de­cide what’s most com­fort­able. That said, good lum­bar sup­port, where the chair back curves in an S shape to cup the lower back, is a must. Watch out for a U-shaped back, which is in op­po­si­tion to the body’s nat­u­ral form.

The height of the arms will af­fect how your shoul­ders rest; higher arms will take the weight off the shoul­ders. For the head­board, you want one that aligns to your neck and head. The seat is the other ma­jor com­po­nent and should “dis­trib­ute the weight of the per­son over as broad a sur­face as pos­si­ble,” Bob ex­plains.

As far as the rock­ing ex­pe­ri­ence goes, note the chair’s “sweep,” which is how the chair moves as you push back and forth. The shape of the ac­tual rocker that the chair is mounted on will de­ter­mine this. A flat rocker will be more sta­ble, while rock­ers that are more curved or S-shaped will be more lively.

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