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Pro­tect your wood floors in five easy steps.

1. In­vest in a vac­uum de­signed specif­i­cally for wood floors and shake out your door­mats weekly to keep dirt and gravel to a min­i­mum.

2. Wood floors of­ten fade or darken over time. To min­i­mize color vari­a­tion, move your area rugs around — and even your fur­ni­ture — once each sea­son.

3. A hu­mid house­hold can re­sult in cracks as your floors ex­pand and con­tract. Here’s a test: If the crack is no wider than the face of a dime, it will prob­a­bly close up. Any­thing big­ger may need re­pair. 4. Some folks like the “worn in” look. If you’re not one of them, re­search tough fin­ishes for your wood floors.

5. Place rugs in high traf­fic zones, such as foy­ers and the area in front of the couch.

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